Things Your Singaporean Kindergarteners Are Probably Talking About At The Playground

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With access to unlimited global knowledge–thanks to media and the Internet–your kindergartener probably has interest in subjects that may be completely new to you. From online survival games, to cosplay, to streaming services, and even what’s happening around the world; kindergarteners are discussing everything under the sun, quite literally so!

Conversations at the playgrounds are no longer limited to toys, schools, and homework. There is a wide range of topics that your teeny-tiny kindergartener is interested to talk about.

Lucky for you, we have the first-hand scoop on what your kid might be into these days. Perhaps this will give you an even better insight into what you can about with your kindergartener.

What Singaporean Kindergarteners Are Talking About These Days

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1. Wink murder game

Given that the rule is to ‘kill’ a friend, this completely harmless game is a hot topic among kindergarteners. Most kids call it the ‘murder wink game.’ It requires gathering around and secretly picking a player to “kill” the others. All with the power of a –wink.

Meanwhile, the rest of the players have to guess the killer before he or she murders everyone. Can you guess, with what? Yes, with their deadly wink. Cute, isn’t it?

2. The floor is lava!

The lava game is another popular one with kids. It’s a fun game to play with the whole family at home or with friends at school.

The game has one simple rule: pretend that the floor if filled with lava and seek safe grounds. This safe ground can be the furniture or any other object that won’t let your feet touch the ground.

To make it a little bit more challenging, everybody will count backwards from 5. So you only has 5 seconds to seek safe grounds. If you don’t want to melt, better jump on the sofa!

3. Squishies, unicorns and everything nice

What kid wouldn’t want a magical unicorn? Perhaps at some point, even you may have wanted one!

But these days, kindergarteners aren’t looking for the real deal. They are loving the squishies. Yes, you read that right. Your little one is perhaps a massive fan of the adorable Squishies toys that are… well, squishy!

With its variety of cute animals and shapes, it has very quickly become a go-to for more young kids.

4. It’s dress-up to cosplay for kindergarteners

If you thought cosplay was only for adults, think again. Your kindergarteners are probably obsessed with it and ask you to help them dress as their favourite comic book character.

Most kids this age enjoy pretend play as it allows them to show their creativity. It also allows them to be in a safe space where nobody would judge them. Plus, they get to play their favourite hero or villain for a while, which makes them feel empowered.

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5. Video games

This is a no-brainer! Its definitely one of the hot topics amongst kindergarteners. Whether on a console, a smartphone or on your desktop, kids also love to play videos games.

Some of the most popular ones right now are Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite, among others. Games like Roblox and Minecraft are in fact great tools for your kids to express their creativity.

With properly limited screen time, kids can enjoy games, while also improving their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills, say experts. You might want to pick up a few skills, to have some fun-time with your kindergartener.

6. YouTube

Your kindergarteners are loving YouTube as much as you love it. Perhaps inspired by you, or maybe by stumbling upon it accidentally; either way you little ones are watching YouTube. Not just that, they are also talking about favourite online videos at the playground.

However, don’t worry just yet. It’s not all bad if your kid watches a few videos online. As long as you supervise the content and allow limited screen time, you can ensure you your little one is watching edutainment videos online.

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7. Streaming services

With popular streaming services such as Netflix and the newly launched Disney+, your kids get to watch their favourite shows over and over again without having to miss an episode. And they love discussing them at the playgrounds too.

If you catch what your child is watching these days, you’ll notice kid-friendly shows like PAW patrol, Numberblocks and Storybots.

You might even hear them gush about characters they love like such as Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer, and the most loved Mandalorian character Grogu.

For the uninitiated, Grogu is the star of all the Baby Yoda memes you’ve been seeing everywhere.

8. What’s happening to the world?

You may think that your kindergarteners are too young to understand topics such as politics, climate change, and even COVID-19. But you’d be mistaken. They are smart and knowledgeable, thanks to the media and the Internet. And not surprisingly enough, they are discussing these topics at playgrounds.

In a way, it is actually better that they know what’s happening in the ‘real’ world. This allows them to think logically and not live in a bubble. Especially if you don’t want them to be confused about the current situation, as they sure would be, if they didn’t know.

Also expect them to ask you lots of questions about these issues, as their curiosity takes centerstage.


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