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These 'ridiculous, but useful' $3 mop slippers make cleaning my house a breeze

Walk, dance and slide your way to pristine, dust-free floors.

When my mom cooks (which is all the time), she always has a paper towel under each foot. She slides around her kitchen from counter to stove to fridge while she cooks, catching drips and spills as they hit the floor. Her mantra is to "clean as you go!" My house isn’t nearly as clean as hers, but maybe it can be: These chenille dust-mop slippers are an eco-upgrade to my mom’s paper towel method, but at five pairs for just $13, they're an absolute steal.

Slip on these genius microfiber slippers to rid your floor of dust, fluff and more. It'll be the most fun you've ever had cleaning!

$13 at Amazon

Of course, I had to purchase them. Aifusi Mop Slippers are stretchy and soft, like very substantial Peds (remember Peds?) with nice-quality elastic around the top for a good fit. The outside has the long "pile" you see pictured. The inside has rows of a finer chenille, so if you decide to don them barefoot, they’re soft and soothing, but it makes them reversible too.

These mop slippers can also slide over shoes, onto the end of a standard stick mop for cleaning higher surfaces (like a ceiling fan) or even over the end of your Swiffer for a little extra oomph.

When you're done cleaning, you can shake off loose dirt into the trash, then toss the slippers in the washing machine. Skip the dryer, but know that they dry fast anyway, so they'll be ready to go again within a few hours.

My first test using these babies was on my kitchen floor. It's made of wood-looking plastic, so my first concern was that the chenille would be slippery — but it's not at all. It has just enough grip and just enough slide, and I was able to "clean as I went" like my mom. (Except I actually cleaned up dinner from the night before while making my morning coffee!)

The second surface I tackled was actual hardwood. Doing yoga in my living room means an intimate downward-dog view of the dust that collects under the coffee table and elsewhere. I shimmied over there and swiped trouble spots with my super-powered chenille feet, then checked my work. Clean as a whistle.

However, the ultimate test was my white-and-black bathroom tile. It shows dirt more than anything else in the house. I decided to flip one chenille slipper inside out so I could do more detailed work. (Turns out I’m a genius.) The finer side of the slipper picked up dirt from the grout between tiles and helped me clean the baseboards without bending over.

rows of multicolored mop slippers
Mop slippers could have you dancing while you dust. (Amazon)

The verdict? Cleaning, fitness and fun make these my new favorite find. More than 2,800 Amazon shoppers also give them a five-star rating.

"Pretty ridiculous but so useful," admitted one fan. "I bought these kind of as a joke, and they sat for some time. However, I recently began learning how to bake from scratch and my kitchen floors get so dirty from my violent dishwashing and batter splatter. These work great to mop everything up as it's spilled ... So yep, won't clean up a baking mess without these on my feet!"

Another shopper agreed that it's great to clean your floors and other low spaces while standing up. "With shoulder arthritis, this is a perfect solution for me," they said. "I can clean tight areas without having to bend over and reach."

One Amazon customer pointed out that they're not waterproof, so if you're cleaning barefoot, your toes could get wet. "I placed them on top of my house shoes while mopping to prevent shoe marks and it worked well," they explained. "They are not waterproof, and your feet will get wet if you do not have on shoes. Other than that, I'm glad I purchased the item."

These comfy slippers give "cleaning as you go" a new meaning.

$14 at Amazon

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