These mahjong tile bags make a pretty ingenious Chinese New Year accessory

Mahjong tile bags sold by online vendors. (PHOTOS: Go Street Or Go Home)

SINGAPORE — Chinese New Year is almost upon us, and these cute mahjong tile bags have arrived just in time for the festive season.

Online vendors are selling these ingenious cross-body shoulder strap bags designed in the shape of one of the favourite games to play during Chinese New Year.


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These mahjong tile bags come in three designs, displaying the tile characters for fa, zhong and ba wan. (PHOTOS: Shopee/
The bag is worn with a strap over the shoulder. (PHOTO: Shopee/

The bags are available from online vendors including Shopee and Lazada. Prices range from S$5.49 to S$20. They come in three designs, each with a different mahjong tile character, namely, fa, hong zhong and ba wan.

Some vendors are already sold out, so order quickly if you want this cute Chinese New Year accessory.