The Thermomix TM6 is the epitome of smart and hassle-free cooking

(PHOTO: Thermomix)

SINGAPORE – Cooking is a lot simpler and intuitive with the Thermomix TM6 kitchen device and its 20 functions. Yahoo Lifestyle SEA attended a media session last year at Restaurant Ibid, where we observed MasterChef Asia winner Woo Wai Leong whipped out dishes, like a meringue using the Thermomix.

Multi-purpose functions

In addition to the existing functions of stirring, mixing, grinding, kneading, whisking, chopping, weighing, cooking, steaming, simmering and emulsifying, the new Thermomix TM6 offers new functions to transform your favourite dishes into restaurant quality dishes. For meat-lovers, turn up to 160-degree Celsius in the High Temperature cooking mode to create an additional taste dimension with caramelising browning and an incredible aroma while cooking. 

The Sous Vide function with up to 12 hours and to the degree heat setting, is perfect for cooking particularly tender and juicy meat, fish and vegetables. Bakers will particularly appreciate the new built-in weighing scale with 1g accuracy. For melt-in-the-mouth meat, use the Slow Cooking function that allows cooking up to eight hours. Sugar stages cooking mode means dishes that requires caramelising sugar is now possible from the all-in-one Thermomix TM6.

New enhancements

Enhancements include auto-cleaning and weight sensing which automatically detects the weight in the mixing bowl to blend, boil and pre-clean for users without the need to remember speed settings.

You can also access the world’s most extensive digital recipe platform, Cookidoo, with over 50,000 recipes from all over the world with step-by-step cooking instructions. 

Dishes prepped by a MasterChef

MasterChef Asia winner Woo Wai Leong whipped up signature dishes with elements prepared using the Thermomix at Restaurant Ibid. He also displayed how to make meringue with the Thermomix. During the demo session, he shared: "Having a Thermomix adds real versatility to a professional kitchen: it's akin to having an extra set of hands to handle delicate tasks which is always a great help!"

Xi’an Spiced Lamb. (PHOTO: Sheila Chiang/Yahoo Lifestyle SEA)
Ibid Roast Duck. (PHOTO: Sheila Chiang/Yahoo Lifestyle SEA)
Szechuan Peppercorn dessert. (PHOTO: Sheila Chiang/Yahoo Lifestyle SEA)

The Thermomix TM6 costs S$2,320 and is available directly from Thermomix Singapore (