The Return of the Victorian Era, Add Exaggerations and Colors to 2016

[by Shin Hyun Jung/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] The Victorian look that put emphasis on exaggerated points has returned!

Queen Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 1837-1901. Noblewomen of that time were required to have an ascetic life. With the strong repression, on the contrary, they desired for splendid fashion. It could be a way for them to express themselves under the suppression.

Ruffled lace with ribbon and dramatic silhouette are the characteristics of the Victorian look that has brilliantly returned in 2016.

▶ Volume Dress & Ruffle Blouse

High neckline one piece and lace dress are the epitomes of the Victorian look. Decorative points can be found on the gorgeous outfit. With a pair of white stiletto heels, you can maximize your elegance.

Ruffle blouse is the best item for you to easily pull off the Victorian style in this modern century. Pair a ruffle blouse and leather pants to complete a refined look.

▶ Cuffed Sleeves and Bell Sleeves

Cuffed sleeves and bell sleeves are spotlighted keywords in the fashion industry in 2016.

For blouses and shirts that you might always wear, having trumpet-shaped sleeves helps make a glamorous and bold look, which flaunts a dramatic silhouette.

▶ Pussy Bow Blouse

Pussy bow blouse is the evidence of the return of the Victorian look.

The splendid ribbon details complete a pussy bow blouse that gives off a gorgeous feel. It is a versatile piece that oozes one’s femininity.

▶ Glamorous Makeup for Perfect Victorian Look

Focus on glamorous makeup if you want to accentuate the Victorian look.

Not overdoing with too many highlights is crucial for both fashion and makeup. Instead of colorful makeup, adding a natural point to your face by defining the facial features with a glow is the key. Try wearing glamorous makeup this year.

Use a moisturizing cushion like April Skin Snow Magic Cushion White for glowing skin. It covers your flaws naturally while clearing up the complexion lightly and adding dimensions to your face. It gives a great outcome that fits the Victorian look. (photo by April Skin, bntnews DB)

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