The Million Pound Drop Has Been Axed

It has been confirmed that hit Channel 4 game show ‘The Million Pound Drop’ has been axed.

Wah - who will we shout at via the telly on Friday night’s now, eh?

The uber successful quiz show is hosted by Davina McCall and even won a BAFTA during its five year stint, but Channel 4 now hope to pump their money into shiny new shows instead.

A source explained to The Sun: “Bosses have decided to put their money into other shows and there are no plans currently to bring back 'The Million Pound Drop’.

“People say it’s a shame as it had a big following.”

A spokesperson for Channel 4 confirmed the news, adding: “'The Million Pound Drop’ is not scheduled but could come back at some stage.”

The show ran for eleven series, including several celebrity specials, and we are definitely sad to see it go.