The first all-electric Escalade joins Cadillac’s EV lineup later this year

The Escalade IQ follows Cadillac’s mid-sized Lyriq and Celestiq sedan.


Cadillac confirmed today that the first all-electric Escalade will arrive “later this year.” However, the automaker didn’t reveal any details about the Escalade IQ, a name first trademarked in 2021. The new model’s “IQ” branding aligns with the Celestiq luxury sedan and Lyriq mid-sized SUV.

Earlier this year, Cadillac VP Rory Harvey said the company would reveal three new EVs in 2023. If you add that to the company’s previous comments to Car and Driver, stating all three will arrive for the same model year, we can assume the Escalade IQ will be a 2024 model. It is also expected to use GM’s Ultium battery tech.

We’ll have to wait until later this year to learn more about the first Escalade EV. But as for its mid-sized counterpart, Engadget’s Roberto Baldwin found the Lyriq ($60,000 and up with over 300 miles of range) to have “the fit and finish you’d expect” from Cadillac with “a polished ride and almost eerily quiet interior.”