The Chinese 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Music Video Is Strong With the Force, Very Catchy

Move over, Bill Murray: We may have a new favorite Star Wars theme song.

While moviegoers around the world have been flocking to see The Force Awakens in record numbers, one mystery hanging over the mega-sequel has been how it will perform in China — a country with little investment or history with George Lucas’s space saga. (The Force Awakens opens there on Saturday.) To ensure that the world’s second-biggest movie market delivers on its box-office potential, Disney has pulled out all the stops, including enlisting mega-star pop singer LuHan as the film’s official ambassador. On Thursday, the 25-year-old singer released a music video for his new Star Wars-themed single, “The Inner Force.”

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The video features plenty of clips from The Force Awakens, along with shots of LuHan — a baby-faced crooner considered the Justin Bieber of China — singing and dancing in both a warehouse and what appears to be the desert of Jakku. In the desert, he’s rocking Jedi-style and accompanied by BB-8 and R2-D2, universally beloved robots that appeal to all ages. The cute is overwhelming.

The song isn’t exactly about Star Wars, but with lyrics like “I’m feeling the Force,” and “Drive your breath with laser light,” it’s pretty clearly alluding to the film’s signature elements.

Disney is investing big time in China: Along with holding a special premiere in Shanghai (see photos here), the company is building a brand new Disneyland in that city, which should open later this year.