The best mindfulness apps you need to try now

Reta Lee
Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle

(PHOTO: Getty Images)

Over the years, the mindfulness movement has increased in popularity amongst the public. The movement even found its way to the National University of Singapore, where students can take up a Mindful Psychology module as part of their course.

Whether your goal is to manage stress or anxiety, breathe or relax, mindfulness apps have also come at the right time to improve our mental wellbeing in today’s hectic world.

Many of the apps come for free, but you may want to consider upgrading packs or extras - whether they are ocean waves to keep you relaxed or bedtime stories to put you to sleep - there are many features that are designed to suit your needs.

As a user of Headspace and Cove, I find that using these apps help distract my mind from being cluttered and to refocus my attention. If you find that one app is not enough for you, try mixing with other apps to experiment with.

If you’re curious about trying any of these mindfulness apps, we have curated a list which you can start trying today.


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Headspace app

As one of the best known mindfulness apps to explode into the market, Headspace introduces the basics of meditation and breathing exercises in a free ten-part course, coupled with cute animations. I find that as a newcomer to meditation, the narration by co-founder Andy Puddicombe (who travelled to Asia and became a Buddhist monk) to be soothing, and the exercises are easy-to-follow.


Cove app

If you like journaling, Cove works like a mood journal - where you use music instead of words - to express or process your emotions. After selecting from among six moods - calm, struggling, longing, playful, clouded and gentle - add your desired musical tones to ‘layer’ your journal. I find that, by looking back at my ‘music’ journal, I was able to process bereavement and be consciously aware of what I’m feeling at those moments.


Buddhify app

Buddhify is one of the many mindfulness apps that the company I work for, Verizon Media, has recommended to download (some of the other apps listed in our company's intranet include Superbetter, Omvana, Happify). Buddhify collates guided meditations for Walking, Stress & Difficult Emotion, Work Break, Going to Sleep, Waking Up and many other different categories for you to use. Written and voiced by a range of hand-picked teachers, the sessions last from four minutes all the way through to 30 minutes.


Omvana app.

More than just a music player, Omvana is a digital library that brings us a vast collection of personal growth audio clips in one app. Categories include Sleep, Hypnosis, Productivity, Inspirational Speeches, Guided Meditations, Binaural Beats, and many more.


Superbetter app

Designed as a game, the Superbetter App is created by an award-winning game designer Jane McGonigal, and powered by the Live Gamefully method; a framework that activates the psychological strengths of game play to build resilience and be stronger for life. The game encourages users to be open in trying different strategies by collaborating with allies and building resilience to tackle tough challenges.


Happify app.

The creators of Happify have designed a platform to engage users in writing activities and games that are designed to make us happier. Users first complete an onboarding quiz, followed by a list of activities. The activities include a host of guided meditations to writing assignments and games; and the best part is, you don’t have to complete all of them to move on to the next section.