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The best Memorial Day 2024 outdoor deals: Save up to 75% on essential summer tools for your yard and pool

Grab bestselling pruning shears for just $14, or save $120 on a nifty bot that will suck leaves and bugs out of the water.

fiskar shears, aiper pool cleaning robot, weedeater
Is there a better way to clean your pool than letting a robot do the dirty work? Didn't think so. (Amazon)

It might not officially be summer yet, but between the pop-up thundershowers and the climbing temps, it certainly feels like it! With the arrival of Memorial Day, many people are looking out their back doors at a garden that needs tidying, a swimming hole that needs to be de-schmutzed and some under-ulitized patio play spaces. If you need to get your yard whipped into shape, don't worry: We've found the best sales on everything from robotic pool cleaners to miniature chainsaws to fun-in-the-sun games.

And if these deals aren't enough to sate your summer-shopping desires, check out all of the Memorial Day sales you can score across the 'net. There are a lot of deals going on right now, so don't miss out.

Turns out everyone's favorite horror-movie instrument of death is also a whiz at getting your shrubs and trees in order — and look how cute! This diminutive number has a high-efficiency motor that handles even thick branches with ease, and it weighs in under 3 pounds. 

Save $42 with Prime and coupon
$38 at Amazon

As fun as it is swinging a chain saw around, some jobs require a more delicate touch. That's where these come in. With a curved edge that makes it easy to clip single stems and blades that stay sharp even after hours of work, these handy cutters will make the topiary of your dreams a possibility. 

$14 at Amazon
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$14 at Lowe's$18 at Ace Hardware

With two batteries, no cords and three speed settings, this must-have yard assistant will make like the Big Bad Wolf and blow all your leaves and grass trimmings away.

"Compact and handy to use for elderly people," reported this reviewer. "Lightweight and powerful motor ... for the price, this is absolutely amazing."

$59 at Amazon

It's hard enough to breathe when the humidity is high, so why waste breath blowing up a beach ball when you can use this handy tire inflator? It's ideal for middle-of-nowhere road-trip flats, and it can keep your lawn mower tires topped off. Sorry, folks — no more using "it has a flat" as an excuse to skip out on yard work. 

$80 at Amazon

This tidy-upper weights in at less than 7 pounds and automatically keeps the cutting line at the proper length — no more pausing mid-job to extend it. There are two speeds and a three-year limited warranty. Just keep it away from your shins!

$79 at Amazon

This wagon has a 51-inch body that provides a tremendous amount of space, but you can still fold it up and put it away when you don't need it. It can also carry up to 300 pounds, just in case you want to go full Looney Tunes and transport an anvil.

$89 at Walmart

If it needs hauling, this cart can handle it — but can you handle the over-50% off price cut? We bet you can. With a 150-pound capacity and four wheels that are built tougher than Ford, let it handle all your limb-gathering, leaf-disposing needs. 

$95 at Amazon
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$101 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Keep rollin', rollin', rollin' with this useful cart, which allows any gardener to hitch a ride while toting up to 330 pounds total. That means no more lugging heavy bags and tools, and no constant moving and bending over while gardening — just keep it rollin'! 

$110 at Walmart

If long days under the burning sun leave you parched, how do you think your plants feel? This retractable hose takes the work out of watering your plants and makes it easy to navigate around the yard. And when you're done? Give it a little tug and it draws back into storage. 

with coupon
$160 at Amazon

This lightweight grass chewer is ideal for small yards. It can mulch or bag the clippings for later use, and the six different cutting positions make it easy to cut your lawn down to size. An included charger and two batteries mean you'll have all the power you need to cut through stubborn grass. 

$274 at Amazon
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$274 at Lowe's$302 at QVC

What better way to say you're serious about your backyard chillaxing than an inflatable pool chair ... with two cupholders! It's sized for adults, but is sure to bring out the kid inside.

Save $2 with Prime
$18 at Amazon

When you've had enough of floating and are ready to get a little bit competitive, throw this No. 1 bestselling inflatable into the mix. It gives you an in-pool volleyball net (and ball), or you can toss in the basketball hoop and try to make free throws from the deep end. Right now it's at a summer-ready price at almost 50% off. 

$33 at Amazon
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$38 at Lowe's$50 at Bed Bath & Beyond

This little robot will de-gunk your pool, and you can stay dry when it's done — just fish it out of the water using the included hook.

Save $120 with coupon
$180 at Amazon

Add a touch of warmth and whimsy to your yard or patio with these string lights. They're shatter-resistant and weatherproof. Plus, you can connect up to 32 strands of lights for the ultimate backyard experience. 

Save $22 with coupon
$25 at Amazon

These lights are marked down by an incredible 70%. They're rated for 3,000 lumens — that's roughly three times the brightness of a standard car headlight. They're waterproof and motion-sensing too, so all you have to do is hang them and let the sun do the rest. 

$30 at Walmart

With six different spaces, you can organize flowers and herbs just how you want them. This'll look great on a patio, porch or balcony while taking up very little real estate. The plastic bins are food-safe and feature drainage holes to prevent overwatering.

$40 at Walmart

Avoid getting eaten alive while indulging your inner sadist — after all, there's something undeniably satisfying about the zap you hear when a particularly pesky insect decides to go into the light (in more ways than one). This No. 1 bestseller is over 30% off right now. 

$40 at Amazon

Perfect for when you want to keep the party going even after the sun has gone down. The lights come on automatically at night and can run for up to seven hours. It's also water-resistant, so you can sit out even if the weather takes an unpleasant turn. 

$80 at Amazon

When you literally want to "take a load off," a zero-gravity chaise is the way to go. Score $30 off a pair in blue or 20 other colors. Complete with cup holders ... you know, in case you feel like putting a load on.

$110 at Amazon

This foursome is perfect for a deck or poolside space that could use a makeover. Made of handwoven rattan with thick, high-density cushions that protect your joints and back, the seats are sure to please — and the matching coffee table is the perfect resting place for wineglasses, your tablet or a Bluetooth speaker. 

$220 at Walmart

Want to get in on the craze that is pickleball? Franklin is a trusted name when it comes to court sports, and this set has all you need to get started, including two paddles and two balls at nearly 50% off. Don't worry — no vinegar required. 

$15 at Amazon
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$36 at Ace Hardware$30 at Boscov's

If you need to work on your free throws this summer, this adjustable hoop can help for an impressive 70% off. You can move the hoop up and down from 5 to 7 feet, and the handy wheels make it easy to place it wherever.

$66 at Walmart

Our other favorite way to 'sack out' by the pool! Let your patriotic side shine with this colorful cornhole set. We suggest you get clicking; this discount probably won't last too long. 

$60 at Walmart

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