The best indoor plants to improve your feng shui

Niki Bruce
·2-min read
Group Of Bamboo Plants And Human Hand
Bamboo is thought to be able to get rid of negative energy.

We all know that adding a few beautiful indoor plants to your home will help make it feel brighter, fresher and more relaxing, but did you know that certain indoor plants can also help improve your home’s feng shui?

The traditional Chinese practice of feng shui revolves around arranging your home, office or other place in such a way as to help improve your health, wealth and luck by ensuring good energy, or chi, circulates these spaces.

These practices are based on an ancient Chinese text - the Book of Burial from Guo Pu’s commentary - and basically translates into “wind-water”. Many of us are used to the common practices of not setting mirrors across from our beds, or ensuring that luck can’t pass right through our homes with front doors and back doors facing each other.

However, there are also some useful feng shui tips on how certain indoor plants can also help improve the chi of our homes. Here are some handy tips.


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Growing of aloe on windowsill
Aloe vera. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Get rid of negative energy

By putting a plant within a metre or so of your electronic gear - computers, televisions, etc - you can help counteract the excess electromagnetic energy they release. Aloe vera is a great choice as it is said to be able to absorb such negative energy due to its fleshy leaves. However, it is spiky so make sure you balance it out with a softer, rounder plant nearby.

Plants to use: Aloe Vera, Jasmine, Bamboo

Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily) in white ceramic pot in front of mosaics of green and plain cream ceramic wall tiles. Focus is on centre of plant with depth of field blur.
Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily). (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Balance outflow of ‘water’

To make sure your home is perfectly balanced for good luck, look to reduce too much water - a symbol of luck, or money – flowing away from you and your home. Make sure to keep the toilet seat down, and the bathroom door closed; and also add a plant to your bathroom to absorb any negative chi energy.

Plants to use: Pothos or Devil’s Ivy, Peace Lily, Air Plant

in the garden

Increase good luck

Adding any plant to your home will help to combat general fatigue and malaise since adding greenery and putting yourself in touch with nature is always a positive thing. However, it’s best to stay away from spiky plants as they could ‘puncture’ your good luck. You can also help to increase your personal luck with particular plants. The Jade plant, or Money Tree, is commonly used in Chinese culture because its round leaves symbolise good fortune. Kumquats are also a great representation of ‘gold’ and ‘money’.

Plants to use: Jade plant, Philodendron, Calatheas, Kumquats