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The best Amazon deals you can score this week: Save big on Apple, Bissell, Vizio and more

We're seeing discounts of up to 80% on everything from vacuums and tech finds to outdoor essentials for summer.

Apple iPad, Apple AirPods, Le Creuset Dutch oven, Shark stick vacuum and a purple circle that reads: Yahoo! Amazon weekly deals
Amazon? More like Amazin' — we're seeing deals of up to 80% off! (Amazon)

Holiday sales events are great and all, but sometimes the most rewarding deals are the ones you stumble upon on a random Wednesday like today. And no one does everyday discounts quite like Amazon; even if you were too busy stuffing your face with barbecue or lounging by the pool to shop over the long weekend, we found a slew of home, tech, fashion and beauty finds with their Memorial Day prices still intact. (Some are even lower!) Whether you could use a new vacuum for sucking up all of that sand that'll be dragged in from the beach this summer or want to get your outdoor space ready for hosting, you've come to the right place.

We spotted a 2-in-1 Shark stick and handheld vac marked down to $100, plus a robotic pool cleaner slashed by $120. Need a new computer? This 16-inch laptop is a wild $1,020 off. There's more where those came from — happy saving!

  • Le Creuset 5.5-Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

    Save $140
  • Shark 2-in-1 Cordless & Handheld Vacuum

    Save $20
  • Black+Decker Portable Air Conditioner

    Save $241
  • Bissell Little Green Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

    Save $25

This handy little particle picker-upper is ideal for stashing in the car, so you'll always have a way to clean up those fast food crumbs. It weighs just over a pound, making it easy to reach higher surfaces, and since it's battery-powered, you won't have to deal with annoying cords. It's currently 80% off, so vroom, vroom!

Save $136 with Prime
$34 at Amazon

If you've tried shopping for outdoor furniture lately, you've likely experienced some sticker shock. That's why this nearly-75%-off deal caught our attention: You're getting a sleek pair of chairs and table for under $150 (practically unheard of!). Just think of how nice it'll be to enjoy your morning coffee al fresco.

$138 at Amazon

Show of hands: Who likes saving over $1,000? (That was rhetorical.) Unless you're a serious gamer or video editor, a straight-up, no-nonsense laptop for everyday computer tasks is more than sufficient. This highly-rated model lets you stay connected with family and friends via video calls, check your email, browse the web and stream your favorite movies and shows. It's equipped with 16GB RAM for quick-response multitasking, and you'll be able to use it for up to eight hours before it needs a charge. At under 4 pounds, it's highly portable too.

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$380 at Amazon

Why keep tripping over shampoo bottles when these handy shower shelves exist? This No. 1 bestselling set claims to hold up to 40 pounds (that's a lot of gel, conditioner and body wash) and comes with five storage racks in different sizes for all your bathtime essentials. All you need to do is apply the included adhesive to stick 'em on the wall. 

Save $52 with Prime and coupon
$18 at Amazon

If spring allergies are making you sneezier than one of Snow White's friends, you'll want this HEPA air purifier that's currently over 50% off. Not only can it remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, but it does so quietly (as in, softer than a whisper). It's suitable for spaces up to 1,076 square feet. 

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Save $80 with coupon
$73 at Amazon

Henckels has been crafting knives for over a century, so they know a thing or two about what makes a quality set. This bestselling collection is majorly marked down (over 60% off) and comes with just about every type of blade a home cook could need: a 3-inch paring knife, 5-inch serrated utility knife, 7-inch santoku knife, 8-inch chef's knife and 8-inch bread knife. Also included: six 4.5-inch steak knives, a professional honing steel, kitchen shears and a hardwood knife block. Whew! 

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$133 at Amazon

Got a green thumb and don't want to strain it? These No. 1 bestsellers were designed to slice through branches, stems and stalks like nobody's business. Made of durable stainless steel, the blades have a low-friction coating and a self-cleaning sap groove to help prevent sticking, and the nonslip handles offer a secure grip.

Check out our full Fiskars Garden Pruning Shears review for more. 

$14 at Amazon

Let's avoid a tiki torch incident this summer, yeah? This long string of LED lights will illuminate your yard, patio or pool area with a warm glow that'll also allow guests to see which flavor of seltzer they're grabbing from the cooler. And feel free to leave them up all year: They're designed to endure harsh weather, be it heavy rain, wind or snow.  

Save $21 with Prime and coupon
$25 at Amazon

Swimming in a pool? Fun. Cleaning a pool? Not fun. Let this aquatic robovac do most of the dirty work for you. It'll suck up debris at the bottom of the pool and runs for up to 90 minutes before needing to be juiced up. It also comes with a hook so you can retrieve your new favorite gadget without getting wet.

Save $120 with coupon
$180 at Amazon

Never fight with your family over outlets again. This electrifying gadget boasts five AC outlets and four USB ports, enough for everyone to charge their devices all at once. Oh, and this top-seller is much sleeker than having a power strip on your floor.  

Check out our tech editor's roundup of the tech products he can't live without for more. 

$10 at Amazon

This nongreasy cream is formulated to renew, hydrate and firm your skin from head to toe. Note: A small amount goes a long way, so use it sparingly.

$19 at Amazon

Hot sleepers, rejoice: Over 136,000 shoppers rave about these wrinkle-resistant cooling sheets made from breathable bamboo for a less-stifling snooze. They're Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified for quality and come in an impressive 35 colors and prints. 

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$28 at Amazon

'Tis the season for unwanted winged houseguests, so before they take over, grab this popular plug-in insect catcher. It uses UV light to attract bugs, then traps them on a sneaky glue board (don't worry, it's hidden so you don't have to stare at dead flies all day). Now buzz off, mosquitos!

Save $4 with coupon
$16 at Amazon

Ah, the beach: refreshing surf to cool off in, the relaxing sound of waves to zone out to ... and, at day's end, sand all over your car and house. But you'll be able to minimize the amount you track in with this sand-proof blanket that's easy to shake free of those pesky particles. Plus, it folds down much smaller than a towel to save space in your bag. 

Save $16 with coupon
$18 at Amazon

There are plenty of high-quality, affordable Dutch ovens on the market, but if "Le Creuset or bust" is the motto in your kitchen, you won't do much better than this beauty that's been marked down by $140. As durable as it is aesthetically pleasing, it's coated in shock-resistant enamel that's less prone to chipping, and its dome-shaped lid encourages heat circulation for even cooking. 

$280 at Amazon

Great for getting into small corners and busting away grime from grout, this battery-powered gadget scrubs 60 times per second to save you time and elbow grease. It comes with two heads and is all ready to go with batteries. 

Check out our full Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber review for more.

$17 at Amazon

Ina Garten herself is a fan of this durable pan, which is made of sturdy cast iron that'll last for decades. It has excellent heat retention for achieving the perfect sear, and since it comes pre-seasoned, you can use it right out of the box. It's compatible with all stovetops, it can be used for campfire cooking and, at just $20, it's an affordable kitchen workhorse you'll reach for again and again.

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$20 at Amazon

This No. 1 bestselling, compact carpet cleaner went viral for a reason — it packs a punch, especially considering it weighs less than 10 pounds. Its powerful suction makes it a pro at removing stubborn stains not just from rugs, but also from furniture and car upholstery. Plus, it comes with a self-cleaning hose tool and a bottle of Bissell's Spot & Stain with Febreze. 

Check out our full Bissell Little Green review for more. 

$99 at Amazon

Earbuds aren't for everyone, and if you'd prefer some cushy headphones, this wildly popular pair from Sony is an insane 10 bucks — that's 50% off. Their lightweight design makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods, and the swiveling ear cups allow you to fold them down for easy packing. They also have a wide frequency range that makes for a more immersive sound experience.

$10 at Amazon

If you're ready to jump aboard the earbud train but would rather not shell out for AirPods, our tech editor says these are the "best overall AirPods Pro alternative" — and they're marked down to just $55. "Just about perfect," he says. "The Aero comes closest to matching every AirPods Pro feature — most notably spatial audio, which makes it sound as if it's coming from all around you."

Check out our roundup of the best AirPods Pro alternatives for more. 

Save $30 with coupon
$55 at Amazon

Of course, these second-gen top sellers have hundreds of thousands of perfect ratings, thanks to their clear, rich sound quality, 24-hour battery life and convenient cord-free design. Apple products are so sought after that they don't really need to go on sale, so we'll take the $40 discount!

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$89 at Amazon

Treat your tush to the oh-so-refreshing spray of this popular bidet, which allows you to adjust the water pressure to your liking. Not only does it feel nicer than using scratchy toilet paper, it'll also cut down on your TP spending (plus, it's more sanitary than wiping). Everything you need for easy installation is included.

Check out our full Bio Bidet review for more. 

$34 at Amazon

These cult-favorite pillows are popular among Amazon shoppers, and Yahoo readers can't stop scooping them up either. They're made of a cooling gel to help keep those uncomfortable night sweats at bay, and the plush Oeko-Tex Standard Certified material will feel like heaven while you sleep. They're not often marked down by this much. 

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Save $19 with coupon
$41 at Amazon

Hoisting a heavy AC into a window isn't anyone's idea of a good time, and if you'd like to cool your home without putting your back at risk, this No. 1 bestselling portable air conditioner will do the trick. It's powerful enough to cover up to 700 square feet and has castors on the bottom that make it easy to move from room to room. According to many reviewers, it's also a breeze to install. This is the best price we've seen since last year.

$440 at Amazon

Tired of dealing with an assortment of remotes every time you want to watch TV? Stop the insanity with a Fire TV Stick — it can replace 'em all. You'll be able to effortlessly switch between the news, sports, live TV and your favorite streaming platforms for easy access to millions of shows and movies; plus you'll get a free 6-month subscription to MGM+ with your purchase. 

$35 at Amazon

Going camping? You'd be wise to take this No. 1 bestselling solar generator with you. You can charge it ahead of time at home or let the sun do its thing via a built-in solar panel. It's got two AC outlets and USB ports galore to keep multiple devices juiced up while you enjoy the great outdoors. Plus, there's a built-in LED flashlight you can use as a backup. 

Save $44 with coupon
$66 at Amazon

If you've been curious about all the hype around Apple's popular tablets, now's your chance for a firsthand peek. This ninth-gen iPad has 64GB of storage, a crisp Retina display, front and back cameras and Touch ID to ensure that your information stays secure. Use it for everything from checking your email to browsing the web, sharing photos and even sketching. (You'll want an Apple Pencil for that last one.) 

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$249 at Amazon

Look at you being all proactive! This highly rated kit can minimize the risk of dryer-related house fires, as it'll do a more thorough job than simply wiping out the lint. Just attach it to your vacuum — you'll be amazed by how much it sucks up.

$10 at Amazon

Every kitchen needs a good pair of oven mitts, meaning those hole-filled ones in your drawer need to go. These top-sellers are heat-resistant up to 500°F, thanks to their silicone coatings — and not only that, their ribbed design offers better grip than cloth mitts, plus they're water-resistant to protect your hands from hot splatters. They come in over 20 colors, though prices vary. (This pair is 60% off!)

$14 at Amazon

Made of a thick microfiber, this duster is shaped like a long glove that fits the blades of your fan. To use, just slip it over a blade, apply pressure to the top and bottom, and slide it off to remove dust without making a mess. You don't even have to empty it out before moving on to the other blades — it's large enough to hold a good amount of grime.

$14 at Amazon

Insignia's 24-inch model is a popular choice, thanks to its built-in Fire TV capabilities — you can stream more than a million shows and movies. The Alexa-equipped remote makes it easy to flip through channels using just your voice, and we're not mad at that insanely low price tag, either.

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$70 at Amazon

Enjoy sports, movies and all your favorite streaming services on this top-rated 40-inch smart TV, which has high-def resolution and LED backlight to bring you clear, vibrant visuals. It's equipped with Apple AirPlay and Chromecast, allowing you to watch anything from your phone or tablet right on your television, and it has more than 140 apps — including Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube — built in for instant access. 

$160 at Amazon

Of course, going bigger never hurt anyone, especially for $200 off! Boasting impressive 4K ULED visuals for more vibrant color, brightness and clarity, this TV is the one that'll make you feel like you're part of the action while vegging out on the couch with some popcorn. 

$350 at Amazon

Want to keep your tires in good condition for a long time? This nifty No. 1 bestselling device lets you check their pressure so you can fill 'em up with air if needed. And it's not just for cars — use it to check bike, motorcycle and truck tires too. 

Check out our roundup of the best things to keep in your car for more. 

$9 at Amazon

This is one of those items you'll hope you never have to use — but you'll be grateful for it when your car goes kaput. In addition to giving your vehicle a jump, it acts as a handy on-the-go power station with its multiple charging ports.

Save $50 with coupon
$40 at Amazon

You'll be so relieved you had this portable air compressor in the trunk when you realize one tire's looking a little floppy. It takes just minutes to pump it back to normal, and you can do all four on a single charge. You can also use it on balls, bike tires and balloons. Snag it while it's 75% off. 

Save $150 with coupon
$50 at Amazon

If it's a hands-free vac you're looking for, this little guy costs less than $100 — but you'd never know it, given all its features. From its four cleaning modes and anti-collision sensors to its brushless suction port that'll keep it from getting tangled up, this is one smart machine. Oh, and it can clean for up to 100 minutes before needing a recharge. 

Check out our roundup of the best robot vacuums for more. 

$90 at Amazon

You're not gonna need a bigger boat — er, shopping cart — for this Shark, cuz it weighs in at under 4 pounds. You're getting a sleek stick vac and handheld in one, meaning it's equally useful for zapping up dust from your floor as it is for cleaning furniture, stairs and even the interior of your car. Plus, you can't beat its cordless design — isn't having to find a new outlet every time you switch rooms the worst part of vacuuming?

Check out our roundup of the 10 vacuums Yahoo staffers can't live without for more.

$130 at Amazon

How stylish is this sleek stick vac? And for a fraction of the price of a Dyson, to boot. At just 7.5 pounds, it's easy to move around the house, and since it's cordless, there won't be any tripping over cables. It runs for up to 48 minutes on a single charge and has a built-in handheld vacuum for de-dusting higher areas in your home. 

$143 at Amazon

If you spend lots of time in the kitchen, your feet deserve a cushy surface to stand on during all of that cooking (and dishwashing). This highly rated anti-fatigue mat is made from a comfy foam to help take some of the pressure off of your muscles and joints, and its nonslip bottom will stay put without sliding around. The waterproof material is also easy to wipe clean. 

Save $7 with Prime and coupon
$13 at Amazon

An 11-piece, nonstick cookware set for 60 bucks? There's gotta be a catch ... well, the only one we can think of is that you'll get two detachable handles that clip on to every pot and pan in this collection — and that's a good thing! Now you'll be able to stack the pieces inside one another and save space in your cabinets. This No. 1 bestseller comes with two frying pans, two saucepans, a sauté pan, two removable handles, two silicone lids and two fridge storage lids. 

Check out our roundup of the best pots, pans and cookware sets for 2024, according to professional chefs for more. 

$60 at Amazon

Whether you know a dad who's a grilling machine (Father's Day is June 16!) or want your meat to come out perfectly every time, this popular probe is down to the lowest price we've seen. What sets it apart from the rest is that you can pair it with your phone via an app and read the temperature that way, allowing you to focus on other tasks rather than babysitting your steak. 

$70 at Amazon

Our senior beauty editor said she was so thrilled when she saw this deal, she "could barely type." Why is that? For starters, this serum comes from a well-respected brand and its star ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a hydration agent that can help plump the skin for a smoother appearance. Among the other concerns it targets? Dark circles, fine lines, dark spots ... need any more convincing it belongs in your cart?

Check out our beauty editor's anti-aging skin-care deals roundup for more. 

$10 at Amazon

If your under-eye area could use a little freshening up, it's this No. 1 bestselling cream to the rescue! Formulated with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, calming niacinamide and three essential ceramides, it helps maintain and restore the skin barrier to preserve hydration and minimize the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Even celebs like Olivia Wilde are fans of the brand.

Check out our roundup of the best eye creams for dark circles for more. 

$13 at Amazon

Want to feel like you're getting a spa treatment in the comfort of your own bed? This mask will feel like heaven as it massages your eye area (with heat, no less!), and it can also be paired with your phone via Bluetooth so you can unwind with some soothing tunes. At 60% off, this is a fantastic deal. 

$52 at Amazon

Yahoo readers and Amazon shoppers alike can't get enough of these supremely comfortable shorts, which feature an adjustable drawstring waist and, conveniently, pockets. They're made from a soft cotton blend (the black and navy options are 100% cotton!), and reviewers of all ages are singing their praises.

$9 at Amazon

Tens of thousands of shoppers are wearing (and loving) these comfy undies, which have wide waistbands for midsection support with less constriction. They were designed to stay in place without bunching — the worst — and because they're made of a soft, 95%-cotton material, they'll feel like a dream against your skin. 

$20 at Amazon

Underwire bras don't have to be uncomfortable — take it from the thousands of reviewers who adore this one. It was designed to be extra lightweight and smooth things out under your tops, and the convertible straps can be worn straight or crisscrossed. The lace detail makes it look more elevated than your standard T-shirt bra, and it comes in 12 lovely colors.

Check out our roundup of the best bras of 2024 for more. 

$20 at Amazon

If you have Amazon Prime, you'll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)