The Backbone One Android controller now supports iPhone 15

The move is timed to Apple's iPhone 15 announcement.


The Backbone One has become a favorite mobile gaming controller for iPhone, Android and PlayStation over the last few years. Now, Backbone has announced that its beloved $100 controller (yes, even the Android-specific version!) will be compatible with the upcoming iPhone 15.

The good news is that playing with an iPhone 15 doesn't require buying a new controller. Anyone with a Backbone USB-C product needs to have the company's app downloaded to receive the automatic update adding its "patent-pending universal technology." This should then make all USB-C Backbone One controllers — including the PlayStation Edition — compatible with Android devices and the iPhone 15. All new USB-C Backbone One controllers purchased should also work across the devices.

The announcement comes on the same day as Apple's iPhone 15 launch, which has been largely anticipated (and seemingly confirmed by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman) to have USB-C compatibility — finally replacing the longstanding lightning port. This shift is the critical factor in allowing this Backbone One crossover to occur, but it isn't a change Apple necessarily wanted. The European Union is mandating that any new phones, portable speakers, tablets and many related devices sold in the region must have a USB-C charging port by the end of 2024. The bloc's rationale is that the regulation will reduce e-waste, though lightning port users might first have to buy a new charger.