Tess Holliday frustrated by lack of choice in plus-size swimsuits

Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday is disappointed by the lack of swimsuit options available to plus-size women.

The model and blogger, who is a U.S. size 22 (U.K. 24), is a vocal advocate of body positivity and often speaks about the importance of diversity and inclusivity.

In a new essay for U.S. InStyle magazine, Tess has opened up about her struggles to find suitable swimsuits and bikinis over the years and noted that few stores stock a range of sizes.

"All of my bathing suits since I started wearing them again have been purchased online. I've found the brands that I know I like and I'll order them," she wrote. "Some companies are nice enough to send me a couple of swimsuits and I see which ones work for my body. But there are maybe two physical stores that I can think of that I can try stuff on."

Tess went on to emphasise that she knows she is fortunate to have access to swimsuits from fashion designers and options on photoshoots. Yet, she still has issues with fit when she orders pieces online.

"I'll see stuff and, as a model, I'll know it won't look the same on me as the women on the website, but the suit will arrive, and it won't remotely look or feel the same on my body," the 34-year-old shared. "A high-waisted suit won't have a 'high waist.' It will be too low. One-pieces for plus women tend to have awkwardly short torsos. A lot of brands aren't taking into account our stomachs, our hips, our butts. And the tops that have that tiny strap in the back with, like, one hook? My back fat goes all over it and it just looks like my bikini top is floating on me."

To conclude her candid article, Tess called on bosses at swimsuit brands to put in more "thought and accountability" into their garments.

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