Tesla modifies Models S and X's suspensions via an over-the-air software update

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Tesla has begun rolling out the latest software update for their Models S and X, a change that actually modifies the models' suspensions.

As reported by Electrek on Wednesday, Tesla began rolling out software update 2019.28.3.1 that physically tunes the adaptive suspension of the Model S and Model X.

This type of digitally modifiable suspension, however, can only be found on the latest versions of the models which themselves launched in April. According to the company, the adaptive suspension comes with "fully-adaptive damping, giving it an ultra-cushioned feel when cruising on the highway or using Autopilot, and a responsive, exhilarating confidence during dynamic driving."

This week, the benefit of this new hardware has been revealed. Via the over-the-air update, the suspensions of the most recent Model S and Model X vehicles have gained the ability to better adapt to speeds exceeding 100 mph.

While this is a change that will go undetected by most US owners due to speed limits of typically 85 mph or lower, it is sure to offer European users a better driving experience.