Terry Lin admits to marriage rumours

8 Oct – Taiwanese singer Terry Lin finally confirmed that he has been married for a long time.

As reported on Phoenix, rumours of his marriage sparked recently, after tabloids claimed that the singer has been secretly wedded for three years with his assistant Lin Hong-ya whom he was romantically linked to in the past. It also alleged that the two of them already have a son together.

The two were also spotted in the streets recently, shopping for clothes and dining out like an old married couple.

Sources claimed that Terry and Lin have actually been together for many years, but only tied the knot three years ago. It was reported that their marriage was no secret among those living in their hometown in Keelung and the neighbours are already aware of it.

Following the reports, Terry took to social media and confirmed his marriage.

The 53-year-old stated that his wife is not used to being called "Mrs Lin" in public and didn't want her life to be affected by it, which is why they kept mum about their relationship.

"But since it has been disclosed, we will publicly accept everyone's blessings," he added.

However, Terry made no mention about the rumours of them having a son together.

(Photo Source: World Journal Instagram)