Teresa Mo: I used to dream of becoming a kung fu film star!

21 Jan – Teresa Mo recently admitted that she had once dreamed of becoming a kung fu film star, but decided to change her mind after filming the 1991 Danny Lee movie, "Legend of the Dragon".

The actress, who sat down for an interview to promote her Lunar New Year movie, "Enter the Fat Dragon", shared that she was excited about the prospect of becoming a kung fu star when she was first approached with the 1991 film that she even went to study Wing Chun in preparation for the said movie.

"One day, while filming the movie in Tai O, action director Corey Yuen asked me to do a high kick, as high as I could. Immediately after, he asked someone to bring out a fake leg. I didn't understand why at first, but then found out that after I kicked, they would follow it with the fake leg. It really hurt me to see it," she said.

In another scene, Teresa said that her co-star Stephen Chow asked her to hit the wooden dummies ten times continuously.

"As soon as I tried it, I felt like dying. I had to stop after every hit, and Stephen asked me if I need to practice more. It was after that I immediately changed my mind about becoming a kung fu film star. Fight scenes are not easy at all!" she said.

Teresa had since moved on to doing more comedy movies and playing dramatic roles, even winning Best Actress for her role in "Tomorrow Is Another Day" in 2017.

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)