Teresa Mo says Best Actress win came at the right time

14 Mar – It may have taken Teresa Mo more than 40 years to finally win Best Actress last year for "Tomorrow is Another Day", but according to the actress - all good things come at the right time.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress, who appeared a guest at a Beijing-Hong Kong Film Exchange recently, stated that the result would have been different if the movie offer came to her ten years earlier.

She said, "If I was making this movie ten years ago, my daughters weren't that old yet and I would not have been able to thoroughly understand the close relationship between a mother and a child of that age."

"But at this age, I have the experience and was able to use it to my advantage," she added.

At the same time, Teresa urged the students to take the advantage of every opportunity that comes their way, as you will never know who will be watching.

"Take for example my co-star Ling Man Lung. He got the opportunity of a lifetime because I saw his performance in a stage play by chance and thought he was memorable. So I recommended him to the director to play my son in the movie," she said.

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)