Full trailer for Christopher Nolan blockbuster 'Tenet' coming today

Tom Beasley
Tenet (Credit: Warner Bros)

There was already a mystique around Tenet before the pandemic hit, with the details of Christopher Nolan’s latest blockbuster shrouded in secrecy.

Now, though, anticipation is truly at fever pitch given the fact Tenet will likely be the first major tentpole release when cinemas re-open after lockdown.

The first full trailer for the movie is due to arrive online today, with Trailer Track suggesting it will land at either 2pm or 5pm in the UK.

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They also shared a series of TV spots for the movie, promoting the trailer, which aired in the USA overnight.

The teasers emphasise the palindromic nature of the title, which has been heavily suggested as factoring in to some trickery with time that would be quintessentially Nolan.

In one of the clips, John David Washington’s protagonist is firing a gun when Clémence Poésy’s character tells him: “You’re not shooting the bullet, you’re catching it.”

Confused yet?

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Tenet also stars Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh and, of course, Nolan’s lucky charm Michael Caine.

Christopher Nolan arrives on May 13, 2018 for the screening of a remastered version of "2001: A Space Odyssey" at the Cannes Film Festival. (Credit: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP via Getty Images)

Warner Bros is holding firm on the $205m (£168m) mind-bender, with the 17 July release date still in place, despite questions about whether cinemas will be given the green light to open.

A report this week estimated that Tenet needs 80% of global cinemas to be running in order for the release to remain viable.

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According to the most recent UK government guidance, cinemas could open as soon as 4 July, with several of the country’s major chains suggesting that date is workable.

Social distancing measures will need to be in place, with staggered screenings, diminished capacity and frequent cleaning suggested as possible precautions.