Ten Hup Chee Cheong Fun opens new restaurant in Kajang

If you love Chee Cheong Fun and live around Kajang, you must’ve heard of the legendary Ten Hup Chee Cheong Fun a stall that has been selling mouthwatering rice noodle rolls for 38 years. This beloved local favourite has just relocated to open a restaurant not too far from its original location at Kajang Market. Our personal experience confirms that it lives up to its reputation— a definite must-try.

Ten Hup Chee Cheong Fun - New location

If you’re new to this culinary delight, Chee Cheong Fun is a beloved rice noodle roll originating from southern China, cherished across various Southeast Asian nations. Imagine delicate rice noodle sheets, perfectly steamed and then expertly enveloping an array of delectable fillings such as the savoury embrace of char siew (barbeque pork), succulent prawns, tender beef, or even you tiau (fried dough sticks). The harmonious ensemble is heightened by soy-sauce-based seasoning, often complemented by the delightful companionship of hoisin and chilli sauces.

Ten Hup Chee Cheong Fun - Chee Cheong Fun

Operating from 8am to 4.30pm from Friday to Wednesday, this establishment serves 3 options of Chee Cheong Fun— prawn, char siew, or a combination of both. You can choose all 3 options for a regular size (RM8) or large (RM12). What’s even more enticing is that each order is freshly crafted on the spot, beginning with the steamed rice noodle sheets that are the heart and soul of this dish.

This eatery offers a diverse range of dishes and beverages to entice your taste buds. Their menu features an array of options, including Wantan Mee (RM8 for regular, RM10 for large), Curry Chicken Wantan Mee (RM10 for regular, RM12 for large), and Claypot Yee Mee (RM9 for regular, RM10 for large).

Ten Hup Chee Cheong Fan - Wan Tan Mee

For both the seasoned enthusiasts and those embarking on their first Chee Cheong Fun adventure, a visit to this establishment is an immersion into tradition and taste. It’s a journey that transcends time and bridges cultures, as evidenced by its 38-year legacy. The stall’s enduring popularity and recent expansion into a new shop in Kajang affirm its place as a culinary icon.

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