Tell Me About The Moment When You Realized Your Parents Had Completely Other Lives Before Becoming Your Parents

Generally speaking, we really only know parents as, well, just parents. I think it's easy to forget that before parenthood, our parents were also just individuals trying to navigate their way through life — that they once had dreams and aspirations, and maybe went through some hardships that they don't often talk about. That said, I want to know if there was ever a moment when you became hyperaware that a parent had their own independent life before parenthood.

Maybe your parent couldn't afford to go to amusement parks or other attractions while growing up, so when you took your parent to one, you couldn't keep your eyes off the sheer excitement and pure joy painted on their face.

George and Benny Lopez from the show "George Lopez" are at Disneyland

Maybe you saw your parent being emotionally vulnerable for the first time, and you realized that they, too, need someone to comfort and care for them.

Lady bird and Marion sit on a bed together in the movie "Lady Bird"

Maybe you were looking through a box of your parent's things and were surprised to find out that they had a bunch of friends in school, were into sports, and won a couple awards for writing stories. After your discovery, you became conscious of the fact that your parent was once a child, too.

Gloria and and a young Sasha embrace in the "Barbie" movie
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Or perhaps you realized your parent used to strive toward a certain life and career, but had to set those dreams aside to prioritize a family.

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Whatever it may be, if there was ever a moment when you became hyperaware of who your parents were before they were your parents, I'd love to know. And don't be afraid to get into detail — how did it make you feel? Did it change the way you view them? If you want a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post, let me know in the comments or submit anonymously using this Google form.