Tears of the Kingdom only just released but Ultrahand is already getting the better of some players

 Tears of the Kingdom
Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players are getting to grips with Link's new abilities, especially the Ultrahand ability.

As demonstrated in the Reddit post below, fans are having some teething issues with Ultrahand, one of four new Zelda Tears of the Kingdom abilities. The new skill allows Link to pick up and move objects that are much too big to lift by hand. The power is actually a reference to the classic Nintendo toy from the 1960s of the same name, and joins the Breath of the Wild universe alongside other new abilities Recall, Fuse, and Ascend.

So what's the problem with Ultrahand? Well, it seems like players are getting a bit too excited with the new ability and are forgetting the laws of physics. For example, the player below can be seen picking up several pieces of fused wood to place them over a gap and make a bridge. What they don't account for though, is that the wood is a little heavier on the top so it topples over, almost squishing Link in the process.

Although hilarious for us to watch as the makeshift bridge flies off the side of the cliff, this has got to have been frustrating for the player who I'm guessing now has to make another fused bridge. It's also probably not good news for anyone walking below the cliff, as one Reddit user in the comments pointed out: "Some random Hylian just got absolutely murdered."

Ultrahand aside, it seems that fans are absolutely loving the Breath of the Wild follow-up game now that it's officially out in the wild - including us which you can read all about in our The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom review. Speaking of reviews, judging by Tears of the Kingdom's Metacritic score, it's an instant GOTY contender.

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