Taylor Swift's Rep Denies Latest Round of Matty Healy Rumors

Depending on what corners of the internet you lurk on, you might have heard rumors that Taylor Swift's ex / 1979 frontman Matty Healy is making an appearance on 1989 (Taylor's Version). Which, nope, not happening.

Taylor's rep completely shut this narrative down, telling Billboard that “neither Matty Healy nor [The] 1975 are on this album.” Which, truly thank goodness.

Reminder that Taylor announced 1989 (Taylor's Version) during the Eras Tour on August 9, and then hit up Instagram with the official reveal, saying "Surprise!! 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is on its way to you 🔜! The 1989 album changed my life in countless ways, and it fills me with such excitement to announce that my version of it will be out October 27th," Taylor wrote. "To be perfectly honest, this is my most FAVORITE re-record I’ve ever done because the 5 From The Vault tracks are so insane. I can’t believe they were ever left behind. But not for long! Pre order 1989 (Taylor’s Version) on my site 😎"

She's since dropped several other covers, which is great news for me and terrible news for my bank account:

Circling back to M***y real quick, he and Taylor ended their brief relationship in June, when a People source said that “she had fun with him, but it was always casual,” while an Entertainment Tonight insider revealed, “Taylor and Matty broke up. They are both extremely busy and realized they’re not really compatible with each other. Taylor’s friends want what’s best for her and aren’t shocked that their relationship fizzled out since she recently got out of a long-term relationship.”

You can re-live their whole thing over this way:

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