Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Have Detailed Plans for How They'll Make Long Distance Work

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have obviously been spending a ton of time together lately—with Taylor showing up at multiple Chiefs games and prompting everyone to panic-learn the rules of football, and Travis joining her for several outings in New York City. But they're definitely super busy with their respective jobs. And now that Taylor's international Eras Tour is picking up and Travis' NFL schedule keeps him in the U.S., they're going to have to navigate long distance. But apparently they have a whole plan!

“Travis and Taylor are a very real couple, they actually spend a lot of one-on-one time together and have developed a very real connection,” a source tells Us Weekly. “They have very detailed plans coming up on how to stay together while she’s on tour and he has games.”

TBD on what those detailed plans are, but Travis is currently on "Bye Week" from the NFL, which essentially means he has a week off...and also means he could definitely head over to Argentina to catch Taylor's shows on Friday and Saturday.

celebrity sightings in new york city october 15, 2023
Gotham - Getty Images

Meanwhile, Taylor is pretty booked and busy throughout November—but then she seemingly has about a two month break before her tour picks back up in February (and for those asking: yes, there's a world where she could make it back for the Super Bowl if the Chiefs play).

Anyway, TBD if Travis shows up in Argentina, but he did tease vacationing "somewhere sunny" sooooo....

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