Taylor Swift Is “Not Just Platonic” With Matty Healy, JSYK

taylor swift matty healy not platonic
Taylor and Matty Are “Not Just Platonic”Getty Images

Just in case it wasn’t already pretty damn clear: Taylor Swift and Matty Healy have been hanging out lately. And even though they are 33 and 34 years old, respectively, it’s my journalistic duty to report to you that they are not just friends and they do, in fact, seem to like like each other.

Now, that said, it does not seem like Taylor and Matty are, like, just-wanna-stay-in-that-lavender-haze levels of involved (yet, anyway), but sources close to the pair are spilling hot goss about their status to all the usual sites and magazines.

Speaking to People, one source said that “Taylor is happy” and added that although “she’s very focused on her tour,” she’s definitely “enjoying hanging out with Matty when she is off.”

And again, those hangouts are not PG, just-buddies hangouts (sorry, Taylor Swift/Joe Alwyn shippers and also, obviously, Joe Alwyn).

“They’re hanging out and having a good time,” a second source told People. “It’s not just platonic.”

Meanwhile, another source (or one of the same sources who spoke to People or maybe just Tree Paine in three different wigs FaceTiming from multiple burner phones—there’s honestly no way to be sure because everyone is anonymous, as per usual with this kind of thing) was a little more subtle about things, telling Entertainment Tonight that Taylor is “enjoying her time with Matty.”

“Taylor and Matty have known each other and have history,” the source added (see: Taylor and Matty’s full timeline, which started almost a decade ago, in 2014), “so there’s a comfortability factor there but also feelings of excitement.”

And while it should probably go without saying after the updates about Taylor enjoying her Matty time and feeling comfortable-but-still-excited because of their history, the source made a point to add that Taylor won her breakup “has moved on from Joe and is feeling great and confident.”

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