Taylor Swift Isn't at the Chiefs vs. Eagles Game Tonight Due to a Last Minute Change of Plans

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Why Taylor Isn't at the Chiefs vs. Eagles GameDavid Eulitt - Getty Images

If you're wondering whether or not Taylor Swift will make a last minute appearance at the Chiefs vs. Eagles game tonight (where her boyfriend Travis "I Just Gave a Squirle a Peice of Bread" Kelce is playing his brother Jason Kelce), the answer is sadly no.

Despite her initial plans to attend, Taylor is missing the game to due performing a rescheduled show in Brazil (her show on Saturday night was canceled amid extreme temperatures and the tragic passing of a fan).

Taylor announced news that the show would be postponed on Saturday, writing on Instagram, “I'm writing this from my dressing room in the stadium. The decision has been made to postpone tonight's show due to the extreme temperatures in Rio. The safety and well being of my fans, fellow performers and crew has to and will always come first."

Event organizer Time 4 Fun then revealed that the show would be rescheduled to Monday night—which obviously conflicts with tonight's Chiefs vs. Eagles game.

Entertainment Tonight and Us Weekly had previously reported that Taylor and Travis' parents will be meeting up at the game, with Us Weekly's source noting that “Although Taylor will performing the night before in Brazil, she’s trying to manage going to the game. It’s really important to her to be there when their parents meet.”

While Taylor is no longer attending, it's still possible that the Swifts and Kelces could be meeting for the first time in the stands, so stay tuned. Either way, Us's source says that “Taylor and Travis both have a very close bond with their parents and it’s really important that their families blend seamlessly, as well.”

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