Taxi driver offers lower fare for mother struggling with three kids on a rainy day

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Taxi driver offers lower fare for mother struggling with three kids on a rainy day

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SINGAPORE – A ComfortDelgro taxi driver had extended a helping hand to a mother of three who was struggling to send her kids to school during a rainy day and accepting a lower fare despite his troubles.

Noor Shakila shared on her Facebook page on 12 Jan, starting the post with “My taxi driver deserves a praise”. She struggled to find a taxi on a rainy day, and when she finally managed to book one, the driver cancelled on her because her children took too long to get ready.

Even though she had texted the driver asking for an extra two minutes wait, she came down only to find out that the taxi had left.

Managing to book another taxi, driven by Cai Jiaxiang, a man she observed to be in his early 30s, Shakila and her children reached her daughters’ school, only to discover that the rain got heavier. Cai asked if she had an umbrella, then offered her one and allowed her son to stay in the taxi as she sent her daughters into the school.

Despite returning to her son crying and whining in the taxi, Cai had not complained about the fuss. Instead, he was empathetic, telling Shakila, “Don’t worry, I understand. I also have a kid. Now Primary One already. I don’t know how you can handle all three. Not working, ah?”

Shakila told Cai that she was going to a job interview later the day, and due to the heavy rain, Cai had offered to send her to the interviewer’s place. Shakila was, however, worried for the expensive fare and declined.

“So after I drop off my son, I wanted to alight. Because I had two stops already and the price already getting higher,” she wrote.

Cai went the extra mile to stop his taxi for a while and search for the correct bus routes for Shakila, concerned that she might take the wrong route in the rain.

After that, Cai drove her back to her place, where the rain was even heavier. Shakila was prepared to pay the final fare of S$15, but Cai insisted that she only pay for S$10.

“S$10 is fine. I need to support my family, and you also need to support your family. S$10 is enough for me. Leave the rest for your children,” Cai had told Shakila. With a thumbs up and smile on his face, Cai wished her good luck for her interview before driving off.

“May you have more customers today. I pray for your safety. It’s very heartwarming to know some people are willing to help you during this period of time,” Shakila wrote in her post.

Comfortdelgo Facebook page had also shared the post, adding that “Nothing keeps us warmer than a heartwarming story on a cold rainy day. Thank you, Cabby Cai, for your selfless act and thanks Noor Shakila for sharing it.”

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