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Monday 19, August

The Moon is in your dream zone today, so you might wake up a bit sleepy on this Monday morning. It's definitely one of those days when you'd rather stay in bed a bit longer, perhaps even a LOT longer. You're extra lazy right now, Taurus - but there's no reason to feel a shred of guilt.

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Sunday 18, August

You're ready to retreat into the fabulous world of your imagination today, Taurus. The Moon moves into your sleep and retreat zone after a very social few days. Now it's time to hide away from the world long enough to process all of the extroversion of the last few days.

Saturday 17, August

The stars are all about your love life for the next six weeks, Taurus. The planet of action and mojo moves into your house of romance and pleasure starting today through early October. You can maximize your creativity and play time in the service of this energy. If it doesn't feel fun, you're probably doing it wrong.

Friday 16, August

Communication gets weird or revelatory today, depending on the plot twist of the moment. Blame it on Uranus, the wild card planet that's currently fighting with Mercury. When all else fails, trust your gut and stop trying to overanalyze facts and figures. With Uranus in your stars, you can shock yourself, so take a deep breath before taking any action.

Thursday 15, August

The stars are asking you to focus on your career dreams at the moment of the Full Moon. After a very busy past few days, you're hitting the peak and tonight you'll be ready to turn your mind off and let go of worldly pressures. This is your best moment to get back to quality time with friends and indulge in your escapist tendencies.

Wednesday 14, August

The energy is all about your long-term goals, wishes and community. Even though the Full Moon isn't technically until tomorrow, you're already right in the thick of the lunation. Spending time with your community of kindred spirits is key. You need group support right now to make your dreams come true.

Tuesday 13, August

It's all about dedication and devotion to something higher, Taurus. The Moon lights up your career zone and the Full Moon is just two days away. Use this powerful force to really get clear on your dreams, goals and wishes. You've worked so hard and now you can put yourself on the map.

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