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Thursday 23, January

With anything-goes Uranus currently in your sign, you already know what it's like to experience sudden changes. But today the planet of surprises squares the Sun in Aquarius, bringing something completely different to your career arena. Embrace creative transformation, Taurus.

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Wednesday 22, January

The Moon returns to your sister earth sign today, adding some salve and healing to any recent challenges in the realm of learning. Your philosophy has shifted quite a bit and your mind is in the process of opening, and this transit can help you adjust to any uncomfortable changes from the last month or so.

Tuesday 21, January

The Moon is between signs today, bridging the gap between Sagittarius and Capricorn. Ease into this light transit day knowing that the stars won't add too much emotional baggage to your already-full plate. It's a day for clearing the slate for what's next.

Monday 20, January

Welcome the Sun into Aquarius, Taurus, because your career is about to blow up in the best possible way. With bright and powerful solar energy shining at the top of your chart, your professional prospects are totally off the hook for the next four weeks. Go get 'em, Bull.

Sunday 19, January

The current lunar opposition passes this evening. If you're at the bottom of your emotional energy and wondering where this exhaustion is coming from, don't lose hope. By tonight you'll feel a shift into a more expansive view. You're about to uncover your own truth.

Saturday 18, January

You've got so much inner energy restlessness going on at the moment, darling. You prefer to feel cool, calm and collected. Your overall vitality may feel off, but trust that you'll get back into a better groove sooner than you think. Just ride out this weird rough patch and life and relationships will smooth out on the other side. Patience is the only way.

Friday 17, January

Relationship conversations could get deep and/or challenging if the other person is not being honest and forthcoming. You won't abide by beating around the bush or sugarcoating truths. You see right through any pretense and would prefer others to just speak to you straight from the heart or not at all.

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