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Sunday 31, May

The last day of May is here and you may be wondering what that even means anymore - did this month go too fast or too slow for you? Regardless, with the Moon in Libra, you're focused on work and organizing at the moment. Use this to prep for a very busy June.

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Saturday 30, May

The Moon remains in your romance zone today, but it's also opposite Neptune and square Venus, so not everything is as it seems. You might feel quite confused about someone's feelings for you, or they might be confused about your feelings for them. Just don't commit to anything major for now.

Friday 29, May

With the Moon in your creativity zone in a trine to Uranus in your sign, you're a major idea-generator today, Taurus. Art that feels like it's being channeled directly from the cosmos can show up suddenly and without any actual brainstorming. Be ready to capture your best thoughts on paper or in your note-taking app on your phone.

Thursday 28, May

With Mercury charging into your communication zone today, the next few weeks (and through mid-summer) are full of exciting and revealing conversations and correspondence. It's especially important to take note because there will be a retrograde in this part of your chart later in June.

Wednesday 27, May

With the Moon in Leo you have the perfect excuse, being in quarantine, to indulge in a bit of domestic bliss. Lunar energy flows through your house of home and family for the next few days. Concentrating on your immediate surroundings is more than called for - it's cosmic medicine.

Tuesday 26, May

Lucky Jupiter and Mercury are in a bit of a row today, making people moody and combative. You might have to duck out of any potential arguments, especially where money is concerned. You don't want your stubbornness to get the best of you, even if there is no way to avoid skipping the conversation altogether.

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