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Target just dropped exclusive new Stanley colors, and they all have a special feature

It's almost summertime, and the sippin' is easy with these vibrant tumblers.

I've never been more hydrated in my life. Why? Because I have a Stanley cup. Really — I used to be a Diet Coke addict who hardly ever drank water. Yet somehow, the Stanley tumbler craze converted me into drinking at least 80 ounces of H2O per day. I have to admit that it's also kinda fun to collect new colors for the season. Target has released exclusive Stanley colors for summer, and they're just as bright and bold as you'd expect. Drink up!

Let the sun shine in with this bright yellow tumbler, complete with summery orange accents.

$35 at Target

There's one caveat when it comes to these new colors: They're only available in the 30-ounce cup size. But hear me out: The smaller (albeit still pretty large) size is easier to carry around than a traditional 40-ounce Stanley. It's lighter, which means it's less of a pain to bring to the beach, the pool, the park or wherever else you take your cup. And the cups have a fun extra feature: Gorgeous accent colors on the handle and lid.

The new colors are Sunshine (yellow), Marigold (orange), Poppy (red/orange), Amethyst (light purple), Perspective Blue, Cobalt and Aquamarine. Unfortunately, the last three shades are already sold out — talk about giving us the blues, Target!

Target-exclusive Stanley tumblers in yellow, red, orange and purple
Our Stanley's so bright, we gotta wear shades. (Target)

Some of the summer colors are also featured in Stanley's other products, including its Everyday Go Tumbler and its new Stacking Pint, sold exclusively at Target. However, if history repeats itself, there's no telling how long these cups will be available, so you may want to get yours ASAP if you have your eye on one.

If you're looking to upgrade your tumbler specifically for the summer season, Stanley released two other bright shades in March: Nectarine and Peony. Nectarine is still available in the 40- and 30-ounce sizes at Dick's Sporting Goods. You'll also find some of the totally tubular neon collection still available there too.

This vibrant mix of red-orange and pink will never go out of style, and it will stand out in a sea of pastel Stanleys. 

$35 at Target