Tanya Chua cancels birthday trip due to current pandemic

7 Feb – Tanya Chua recently revealed that she had to make changes to her travel plans following the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer who sat down for an interview recently, revealed that she originally planned to go on a vacation to Morocco and Paris this year to celebrate her 45th birthday in late January, but decided not to go following the pandemic.

"My friends were worried that the virus would spread and suggested that we postpone the trip instead and just stay at home. This is the first time I celebrated my birthday without going abroad," she said.

Although it was regrettable, Tanya said that she consoled herself by reminding that she has to take good care of her health so as to not affect others.

"But friends who knew that I was staying in Taiwan invited me to celebrate my birthday, so I really had a great time meeting them for dinner," she added.

She also didn't forget to remind everybody to remain strong and united in the fight against the pandemic, and thanked the medical staff for their hard work.

"Let's encourage each other so that we can defeat this virus together!" she added.

Tanya is set to hold her 2020 Kisses For The World tour at the Taipei Dome in May. No news as to whether she will be continuing with the shows or not.

(Photo Source: Tanya Chua Instagram)