Tang Wei Allows Her 4-Year-Old Daughter To Cut Her Own Hair, Leaves Netizens Worried

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Most parents would hesitate to have their children handle scissors on their own, especially at a younger age. But Chinese actress Tang Wei apparently trusts her daughter enough to be cutting her own hair at the age of four.

While she rarely posts anything about her daughter online, the celebrity mum decided to make an exception this time. She added a post of her 4-year-old trimming her hair with a pair of small scissors.

Tang Wei Shares How Her 4-Year-old Daughter Has Started Cutting Her Own Hair

Tang Wei
Tang Wei

Image source: Instagram / tangwei_mbox

Tang Wei posted two pictures to show how her daughter Summer chopped her long tresses.

In the first shot, the 4-year-old holds strands of her hair in front of her face, then seemingly snips off the ends with a small scissors. The second photo shows the result of Summer’s haircut as she sports a very short bob. In fact, chunks of her hair are also seen on the ground all around her.

“Little Summer has been feeling too hot and has been cutting her own hair shorter and shorter, let’s see if there will be a third time. When you went out to play on Sunday, children younger than you were already calling you big brother,” as Tang Wei writes in her post.

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After sharing her daughter’s newfound skill, netizens had mixed reactions over Tang Wei letting the 4-year-old handle scissors by herself to cut her hair. While there were those who praised Summer for managing it on her own, there were also those who found it dangerous.

Netizens left comments under her Instagram post saying it was adorable for Summer to cut her hair as well as how ‘amazing’ and ‘as capricious as her mother’ she really is.

Others voiced their concern about Summer potentially injuring herself and recommended that celeb mum do it herself the next time.

Some also came to the actor’s rescue to point that she would have surely ensured her daughter’s safety and guided her the entire time.

Kids Handling Scissors: Amazing Skill Or A Hazard?

Tang Wei
Tang Wei

Image source: iStock

Now, if you think your child is ready to use scissors with their own hands like actress Tang Wei, here are a few safety tips you can teach them:

  1. Remind them that scissors are for cutting paper and nothing else. Before handing over a pair of scissors to your child, ensure that they know it’s not a toy but a potentially hazard.

  2. Walking or running with scissors is absolutely not allowed. Discourage your child from moving around while holding scissors.

  3. Ensure that they know how to properly hold scissors. Teach your child to use scissors and the safest way to handle them.

  4. When in doubt, start with blunt-tipped scissors. To train your child to properly use scissors, you can start with a blunt pair first before letting them handle real ones.

  5. Left-handed children should work with their dominant hand. As your child is still learning to use scissors, it’s best to have them handle this sharp tool with their dominant hand.

Lead image source from Facebook / Tang Wei and Instagram / tangwei_mbox.


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