Tampines Central Park And 12 Other Garden Areas You Must Visit

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If you are looking for green spaces to relax and rejuvenate then Tampines is the place to go. This town area located in the far East of Singapore and is surrounded by green parks and gardens and is wildly popular with families who love to cycle.

In fact in 2010, Tampines became the island’s first town to have dedicated cycle paths and the first to permit cycling on footpaths.

But there is certainly a lot more to explore in Tampines.

If you’re planning a visit to explore Tampines, here are 13 highly rated parks you must visit. They offer vast spaces for your kids to run around and for you to feel refreshed and ready to take on another week.

Tampines Central Park And 12 Other Areas You Can Visit

Tampines Central Park

Tampines Central Park
Tampines Central Park

Screengrab: Google reviews

Tampines Central Park is an ideal place for a morning walk or a jog. The expansive layout makes it a perfect spot for your kids to run around freely.

It is a guarantee that your children will enjoy themselves here as the park also houses two iconic playgrounds- the Watermelon Playground and the Mangosteen Playground. Besides the playgrounds, jogging tracks, the other amenities within Tampines Central Park include exercise stations.

For the dog lovers, there is also an enclosed area where you can take your little canines to play and mingle with their friends.

Location: It stretches out from Tampines Hub to Tampines Street 83

Rating: 4.4

Tampines Eco Green

Tucked away in the Tampines heartland is Tampines Eco Green, a lush green area that stands out from the rest, devoid of any pavements.

It is a must visit for all bird watchers. If you are lucky, you will be able to hear the birds chirping and can also see some terrapins swimming as well. It is a great place for Singaporeans to enjoy the best that nature has to offer. While you take a stroll along the carpet grass pathway, try to spot the different species of butterflies and dragonflies.

Location: Tampines Avenue 9 and Tampines Avenue 12

Rating: 4.3

Sun Plaza Park

If you are planning a visit to this park, rest assured, you won’t be disappointed. It not only offers a lush green spot to exercise, but there are a host of interesting features such as an amphitheatre, a Sense Discovery Garden, a beach ball court and a woodball course. So make sure this 9.6-hectare park is there on your next weekend’s list of ‘places to visit.’

Locatation: Tampines Avenue 7 and 9

Google Rating: 4.1

Tampines Maze Garden

Tampines Central Park
Tampines Central Park

Screengrab: Google reviews/ @Sophie

This circular maze is deftly crafted, with the grass adding a neat touch to the place. Naturally then, you will not be able to spot any tall grass in the maze. Kids can spend the entire day going through its different paths.

Whether you wish to solve the maze or head out for a beautiful Instagram picture, you should definitely try out Tampines Maze Garden.

Location: Blk 944 of Tampines Avenue 5, opposite Our Tampines Hub.

Google Rating: 3.3

Tampines Forest Green

Tampines Central Park
Tampines Central Park

Screengrab: Google reviews/ Samuel Goh

The large spacious area of Tampines Green Forest Park makes it an ideal place for a run or a stroll. It also has jogging paths and lawn spaces for outdoor activities. There are plenty of options for kids too.

The obstacle net climb is perfect for kids aged 5 years and above and yes, there are many kinds of equipments to keep your toddlers engaged as well.

Location: 879A Tampines Ave 8,

Google rating: 4.4

Tampines North Park

The park may be a little small in size but it offers almost everything. There are wide open spaces with exercise corners, a kids play area, park benches and more.

Tampines North Park has many trees that provide shade and make the park breezy and a good spot to exercise. So, if you stay nearby and are looking for a place to unwind, this is definitely an option you shouldn’t miss.

Location: Tampines Avenue 7

Google Rating: 4.4

Tampines Park Connector

This park is part of the Singapore Park Connector Network managed by NParks. It is an ideal place if you want to jog in peace. Your kids too will also have an exciting time as they get to experience nature closely and catch a glimpse of monitor lizards, tortoises and other animals.

Location: Stretches from Bedok Reservoir to Pasir Ris and is also linked to the Simei Park Connector to the south of the PIE.

Google Rating: 4.3

Simei Park Connector

This park is a great jogging spot for several Singaporeans. It has an ample greenery walkway that conveniently connects Simei Eastpoint Shopping Mall to Changi City Point.

Location: Simei Street 3.

Google Rating: 4.5

Tampines Leisure Park

It is another sweet spot in the Tampines area where your kids can run around and play without any disturbance. The park also offers many gym equipment for fitness enthusiasts. Plus, there is also a mini football court and a badminton court, for all the sports lovers.

Google Rating: 4.6

Tampines Neighbourhood Park

This is a nice green park with basic amenities. Whether you want to go for a jog or plan to walk your dog you can definitely explore this option. There are benches in the park for people to relax and spend time and it is not overtly crowded either.

Location: Tampines St. 11

Google Ratings: 4.8

Festival Park

Tampines Central Park
Tampines Central Park

Image courtesy: Google Reviews/ @Ayden

It is a huge park that has all the basic amenities. From an exercise corner to a jogging spot, this is one park you can visit with your kids and make a day of it. If you plan to visit it over the weekend, make sure to go early morning or during the evening when the whether is cooler.

Location: 254 Tampines Street 21, Block 254,

Google Ratings: 4

Tampines Changkat Open Plaza

This is a park you may just accidentally discover if you are walking towards Tampines Street 22 from Simei. The open space is linked to the surrounding HDB blocks and there are pockets of shrubs and trees around the area. If you want to take a stroll or jog, the plaza is also linked to the nearby Tampines Park Connector and Simei Park.

Location: Tampines Street 22

Google Ratings: 4

Simei Park

It is located next to the Pan Island Expressway. This quiet park is located in the HDB estate and has an exercise area, a playground and is intersected by various paths. So all in all a nice clear space to stroll around.

Location: Simei Street 1

Google Ratings: 4.3

Tampines Green

Plan an early morning visit to the park and you will find it bustling with joggers and runners. You will also find people taking their morning walks while the kids can be seen running around and cycling. So if you’re planning a family weekend to this place, ensure you carry water and snacks.

Location: Tampines Street 12

Google Ratings: 4.7

As you plan a visit to any of these parks, remember to follow Covid safety measures. As Singapore opens up, we need to be extra cautious at every step. So stay safe and wear your masks.

Note: This list is based on Google user ratings and reviews.


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