Tammy Ou Yang denies jeopardising husband's work with TVB

21 May – Rumour has it that Tammy Ou Yang might be jeopardising her husband Auston Lam's job with TVB by sharing her political views on social media.

As reported on Mingpao, speculations arose recently that Auston might have had his jobs reduced by the company, after many noticed that he did not appear at the promotional events of his previous series, "Brutally Young".

Some believed that it has something to do with Tammy, who has been expressing her views on social issues freely since leaving the company back in March. Since the company has no right to reprimand the actress, they allegedly decided to punish Auston for it instead.

When asked about it, Tammy dismissed the notion of her political opinion affecting her husband's work with TVB.

"Actually, the series coordinator did contact Auston to attend promotional events for "Brutally Young". He was absent from it just because he already had scheduled other jobs," she said.

Auston also echoed similar responded to Tammy, saying that his work was not affected at all.

"I've just started on my new project. Thank you for your concern."

(Photo Source: Tammy Ou Yang Instagram)