Taiwanese singer Fei Yu-ching announces he will retire after 2019 tour

Teng Yong Ping
·Lifestyle Editor

Taiwanese singer Fei Yu-ching has announced that he will retire from show business in 2019, citing the death of his parents and the need to slow down his pace of life as reasons.

The 63-year-old Mandopop star said in a handwritten letter on Thursday (27 September) addressed to fans and the media that he would bow out of the entertainment scene after his coming tour comprising five shows in Taipei and Kaohsiung in February and May next year, respectively.

Fei said in the letter written in Chinese:

For many years, I have quickened my pace in order to constantly improve my performance, but I have neglected to admire the scenery along the way; when my parents passed away, I lost my sense of belonging and the care that they gave me. The glitter of the stage made me even lonelier, and the applause could not alleviate my sense of loss. I had mixed feelings wherever I went to perform. I know it’s time for me to stop – only by stopping can I learn to leisurely savour life.

Fei Yu-ching’s letter to fans and media announcing his retirement from showbiz.
Fei Yu-ching’s letter to fans and media announcing his retirement from showbiz.

The singer thanked his fans for the support they had given him since he began his career when he was 17. He said he felt very blessed and lucky that he was able to turn his passion into work.

Fei, whose brother Chang Fei is also a famous singer and TV host, added that he would find it hard to leave the industry, and would cherish the precious memories from his career.

He ended the letter by saying that after retiring, he wished to lead a peaceful life with no cares and enjoy nature.

Fei’s mother died in 2010 from cancer aged 85, while his father died in September last year at the age of 96 due to old age. Fei was unable to be at his father’s deathbed as he was performing in China at the time.

The singer is popular across Asia, where he is well-known for hit songs including A Spray of Plum Blossoms and Good Night Song. In recent years, he collaborated with fellow pop star Jay Chou for the song Faraway in 2006, and appeared regularly on television singing shows such as The Next, Sing! China and The Sing-Off.

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