Taiwanese singer and actress Annie Yi to take legal action against cyberbullies

Sylvia Looi
Taiwanese singer Annie Yi has vowed to take cyberbullies on after nasty comments were made against her daughter three-year-old daughter Milly. — Picture via Facebook annieyi201234

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 14 — If you have been nasty about Taiwanese singer and actress Annie Yi’s daughter on social media, beware!

Yi has vowed to hunt the cyberbullies down, according to Sin Chew Daily, engaging a lawyer to collect proof of her three-year-old daughter Milly being bullied on social media.

The hate started when Yi promoted a brand of probiotics that showcased Milly and keyboard warriors commented that Milly looked silly, relating it to consuming the probiotics while others commented about Milly being cross eyed.

Unable to bear the negative statements, the 50-year-old ex-wife of Taiwanese entertainer Harlem Yu, decided to report the comments.

“The child did not offend you, why go to the extent of abusing a child that you do not know. 

“I do not know how your parents brought you up. Abusive statements have been reported and I have retained the services of a lawyer to collect evidence,” Yi lashed out on her Weibo account.

Yi said the comments about Milly hurt her feelings as a mother.

“I am like any mother who will not allow anyone to hurt her child.” 

Many on social media had nothing but praise for Yi and agreed she should use law to educate the bullies.

Yi and Yu, who also share a son Harrison, ended their nine-year marriage in 2009.

She married her current husband, Chinese actor Qin Hao in 2015.