Taiwan restaurant apologises to Jay Chou for privacy breach

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

22 Jul – The owner of a Taiwanese restaurant apologised to Mandopop star Jay Chou, after CCTV footage of him at the premise went viral online.

As reported on Taiwan News, the issue sparked recently when netizens posted a screenshot from a CCTV of a Taichung restaurant on social media to joke about the waitress being oblivious about the presence of a superstar.

Enraged over his photo during his personal time being circulated online, Jay took to Instagram Story to express his frustration, writing, "Should they be taking a photo of a customer with their surveillance camera? Is this a service that's supposed to be provided by a restaurant?"

His record label JVR Music also slammed the restaurant for releasing the screenshot without permission.

In response to the criticism, the owner of the restaurant released an apology statement on the same day, saying that they were only fulfilling the wish of a staff member that wanted to keep the memory of her serving him that day.

"We did not expect the images to be circulated among other communities. We are very sorry for the trouble caused," the owner added.

(Photo Source: Jay Chou Instagram)