Taiwan’s popular bubble tea brand Jenjudan opens its first outlet in Singapore

Bubble tea chain Jenjudan has made its foray into Southeast Asia with its first and flagship outlet in Singapore at City Link Mall.

It started as a store in Taiwan’s famous Shilin Night Market in 2010 and has since expanded to 29 outlets worldwide including locations in Japan, Australia and Hong Kong.

Known for its brown sugar boba, the brand created its own unique formula for producing and manufacturing brown sugar. In order to maintain freshness and its signature texture, the boba are diligently cooked and glazed every two hours. You can even customise your desired levels of sweetness.

Serving a wide variety of beverages, from its iconic brown sugar series to fruit tea selections, all its ingredients are shipped directly from Taiwan.

Signature drinks include Bubble Brown Sugar Milk (soft brown sugar boba served with chilled fresh milk) and the Bubble Milk with Oreo (blend of fresh milk, chocolate wafers and sweet crème). New flavours such as Taro, Pineapple and Green Bean will be rolled out in the near future.