• Joan Smalls Says Beyoncé Tastes Like “Heaven”
    Erika Ostroff

    Joan Smalls Says Beyoncé Tastes Like “Heaven”

    Joan Smalls might not be the only person who’s licked Beyonce, but she’s the first to lick and tell. The supermodel was lucky enough to play backup dancer to Queen Bey in the super sexy video for Yonce—her self-titled surprise album— and in this episode of I Yahoo’d Myself she has one word for it: “Heaven.” The 27-year-old powerhouse has turned heads on countless runways (with and without her Victoria’s Secret wings), topped Forbes’ highest paid model list, landed glossy covers like Vogue, Elle, and Vanity Fair and collaborated with True Religion jeans on two consecutive capsule collections. “So it was a little bit of bullying, but at the same time it gave me thick skin and a good sense of humor.” As the official prankster of the Victoria’s Secret crew, Smalls says, “ I hide from them, scare them and record it.

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