The Truth About Skin Regeneration And Anti-aging?

[by Yoo Jung] Whether or not one possesses an interest in beauty care, everyone is bound to be sensitive to wrinkle formation. This is because it is not easy to get rid of wrinkles that have already formed.

The current youthful skin highlighting trend causes those with wrinkles to be considered far from the beauty standards of the current society. It is especially easy to decipher the differences in the firmness of skin between those who are similar in age.

The most effective way to create a youthful skin is wrinkle care. In other words, the quickest way is to treat the skin with anti-aging programs so that its firmness can be maintained. There are many anti-aging products out in the market. Let’s find out about the correct anti-aging care methods.


Anti-aging refers to the idea of blocking out aging. As the skin undergoes aging, the first thing you see is face wrinkles. Wrinkles on the face form due to exposure to UV rays, if not due to the natural passing of time, and also because of the lack of skin care.

Therefore there is a need for intensive skincare, all over the body, so that wrinkles may not form. Some representative celebrity figures who have succeeded in anti-aging are actresses Go Hyun Jung, Kim Hee Ae and Lee Young Ae. Through their consistent skin care their beauty is still maintained.

Females put a lot of efforts into trying to maintain their firm skin when they are young. However, wrinkles that have already formed are hard to turn back. Therefore it is good to prevent them from forming before they appear.

The human body is known to start aging after the age of 22 years old. This aging process accelerates as the body approaches its thirties, causing the probability for wrinkles to form or to increase due to the skin losing its firmness. Therefore it is important to start anti-aging care at a young age.

▶ Anti-aging Methodology

The skin periodically undergoes skin cell regeneration and excretes dead skin cells in a self-purification process. However, when severe stress is received through external factors it becomes hard for the skin to effectively excrete the dead skin cells because the self-purification process cannot occur. The remaining dead skin cells block out the pores and cause blemishes and impurities to form on the skin through the sebum that cannot escape.

The first step is to remove the dead skin cells through a thorough face cleansing so that the skin may absorb the anti-aging products well. In the case that there is too much dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, no matter how flawless the skin is, it may not be able to fully absorb all of the active ingredients in the product.

After cleaning the surface of the skin, the second step is to apply an anti-aging product that has various functions and uses such as whitening and anti-wrinkle effects. Although there is no special essence product needed for anti-aging care for those in the twenties, it is good to care for the skin especially after the thirties.

The Prestige Multi Ampoule from G.I.B has recently become a product famous for its anti-aging effect and is a Botox-kind of serum that is known to contain natural ingredients and minerals such as Ambina 3342. Consisting of complex mineral ingredients, the product is effective in treating atopic skin, wrinkle reduction and also has whitening effects. Fermented yeast that is in the product also safely provides sufficient protein to the skin and allows dull skin to become relatively brighter.(photo by: G.I.B, bntNews DB)

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