Sun Mi releases new teaser images

Choi Hyun-Jung
Sun Mi releases new teaser images

Sun Mi's teaser images were revealed.

On February 7th, Sun Mi uploaded two teaser images on her Twitter, and wrote, "I wanted to share this with all of my fans first."

The photos show Sun Mi sitting on a windowpane, wearing a white dress, and sitting on a rooftop, under a full moon.

Sun Mi's gorgeous body shape and sexy charms are drawing a great number of people's attention, and the dark tone of the photos expresses a spooky mood.

A great number of fans from all over the world re-Twitted Sun Mi's teaser images, and their anticipation for Sun Mi's comeback is getting more intensified.

JYP Entertainment said, "Please show a lot of supports for Sun Mi's comeback."

Meanwhile, Sun Mi will be coming back with a new mini album on February 17th.

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