Suffering atopic disease? choose right beauty product

[by Kang Jung yeon] Convenience food made our life more convenient and faster. However, while people are enjoying their convenience, the health and body were slowly ruined.

Body was too much acidification. Acidification is cause of every disease. The representative disease is atopic disease.

In the past, atopic disease was considered as diseases for just a few children, but now the number of adults suffering atopic disease is increasing. Atopic disease is an allergic hypersensitivity reaction such as asthma or vasomotor rhinitis because of the presence of an antibody in the skin and sometimes the bloodstream.

If leave the atopic disease without treating it properly, it gets worse after scratching and may cause severe skin damage.

Treating atopic disease, change your life style

Atopic disease can be caused by various reasons. It may have a hereditary component, although contact with the allergen must occur before the hypersensitivity reaction can develop.

The symptom is itching and eczema. When the eczema gets worse it is hard to bear. Some even scratch even if they are bleeding.

It may even cause trouble living daily life or social life. Flack and dry skin be seen as if it is dandruff. Scratching bodies in front of public can give bad impression.

The first step to cure atopic disease is to change life style. Slow Food is an alternative to fast food, it strives to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourages farming of plants, seeds and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem.

Chemicals in our body can cause cancer or hormone disorder. Try to avoid drinking, smoking, and eating convenience foods. Instead of those, try to eat fruits and vegetables.

Keeping the air clean is also important. Ventilate the air once a day to keep out dust and to keep air fresh in the house or office. Try to change bed sheet often or couch or pillow sheet.

Atopic disease patients need to avoid taking shower too often. Taking the shower or bath with chemical can irritate skin which leads to atopic disease worse. Use organic cleanser and wash the body softly to less the skin stimulation. Scrubbing is the last thing to do.

Purchasing atopic disease special products, what to check

Is it organic? When purchasing disease special products, purchasing the organic product is more trustable than other products. Ingredients of organic product should not cultivated or grown with chemicals.

There is an organic mark to approve which product is organic or not. Beside the organic mark the product should be checked thoroughly if it was tested on animal or animal product which it shouldn’t.

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