Stephen Hawking to appear on sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory'

Physicist Stephen Hawking

The renowned British scientist and author of the 1986 bestseller A Brief History of Time will make a cameo appearance on the award-winning American television comedy The Big Bang Theory.

The 70-year-old physicist and cosmologist who suffers from ALS and speaks through a device is the hero of the show's character Sheldon Cooper, played by Emmy and Golden Globe winning Jim Parsons, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The CBS-TV series focuses on a group of young, brilliant but nerdy physicists who know little about life outside of the laboratory, sci-fi books, video games and comic books.

Hawking will appear in a scene on the show that airs in the US on April 5, a week after Leonard Nimoy, who famously portrays Star Trek's Mr. Spock, is featured on the show.

Nimoy tweeted @TheRealNimoy on March 13 in typical Spock-speak: "Spock on Big Bang Theory on 3/29. Stephen Hawking the following week. Logical."