Song Hye gyo vs Kim Haneul vs Yoon Eun hye Lipstick war is on

[by Park Jin jin / translated by Joy Kim] Spring is near and pink color is favored by people. From neon pink to nude pink there are various types of pinks. For the choice, people look up to celebrities’ choices.

Actress Song Hye gyo came back to drama scenes in five years, Kim Haneul proved her class in SBS Gentlemen’s dignity and Yoon Eun hye became style icon from the drama MBC I Miss You. They all have one common factor; they all became issue for their makeup in drama, especially with their lip makeup with pink lipstick.

Why not go for pink lips for 2013 spring? Here are some tips for 2013 spring lip makeup.

Song Hye gyo’s pure nude pink lip stick

After airing the first episode of her new drama, people were buzzing about her makeup. Her character is a blind but she still does her own makeup using finger tips and her nude pink lipstick became an issue.

Nude pink color looked gorgeous on Song Hye gyo’s spotless skin with bright complexion. Because she can’t see herself, she uses her finger under her lip and applies lipstick.

For the scene, she used ‘Silk Intense Lipstick Beige Chiffon’ from Laneige. The lipstick became an instant hit after the episode.

Baby faced Kim Haneul, uses natural pink to look lively and lovely

From the drama, she plays a character with unique personality. She is not strong but able to speak for herself and not picky but with standards. She is a judge at baseball field and knows how to play out of her work as well.

Kim Haneul’s natural wave hair and her smile matched perfectly with her pink lips. During the drama, she was every man’s dream girl.

For Kim Haneul makeup, pureness and feminine is the main concept. Avoid using too many colors. Use one main color for the makeup. In Kim Haneul’s case she chose natural pink color.

Her choice was Glam 3 Extreme Soft Lipstick. Anyone can use it for various occasions. It has more moisture than other products.

Lively and funky actress Yoon Eun hye, she uses neon pink as a point

Right after her drama started, she instantly became icon of fashion and beauty. Her trendy looks and lip makeup became a trend. Neon pink lips are everywhere due to Yoon Eun hye.

From the drama she played a designer who always wears unique clothes and makeup. She looked stylish and fabulous in the drama.

Yoon Eun hye uses Schiap from NARS, which has neon pink color. After the drama, it became best seller and NARS Korea had to reorder three times to match the costumer’s needs. (photo captured from SBS That Winter The Wind Blows, SBS Gentlemen’s Dignity, MBC I miss you, Inisfree, NARS, Coreana)

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