Sega announces Hello Kitty Sonic the Hedgehog jumbo plushie

Sega mascot Sonic the Hedgehog's getting a super-cute makeover in the form of a Hello Kitty jumbo plushie, which commemorates the reopening of Sega's Japanese amusement park.

The blue softie is destined for Sega's amusement arcades and retail outlets, with overseas deployment planned for mid-2013.

The Sonic-style Hello Kitty plush doll is the first fruits of a partnership between video game company, Sega, and curator of cute characters, Sanrio.

And if that's just the start, then what can we expect next? Tiddly, squee-worthy hamster Corocorokuririn as Sonic's faithful orange pal Tails? My Melody, the hooded rabbit, dressed up as the diabolical main character from Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit? Or chubby pup Cinamonroll as a confused, huggable Dr Robotnik?

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