[S/S Beauty trend in LA] Arising stars fall into color palette at Disney Land

[by Choi Hye min / photo by Lee Hyun mu / translated by Chloe Yun] Idol group Jevice, model Kong Sua and An Hyun hee took pictorial photo shoots in LA. Having Disney Land as a setting, the 4 rising stars completed the LA location pictorial with their distinctive charms.

In the pictorial they show off their fairy-tail looks, suggesting S/S makeup trend of 2013. Their striking styles—unbalanced short-cut hair style, Pierrot-like makeup and etc.—caught the attentions of people in Disney Land.

The four models also don such strong outfits like funky look and zebra patterns that fit well with 2013 S/S trend colors. Let’s take a look at ‘strong color palette’ that the 4 rising stars suggest.

Idol group Jevice shines brighter than sunlight of California

Jevice caught the attentions of people in Florida with their deep eye makeups and rosed cheeks. It is said that the idol group gave off their cheerful energy at the photo shoot location while suggesting S/S makeup trend.

Juri created fairy tale look with bang hair style, pink lips, and blusher. She put on unique false eyelashes to emphasize her eyes, and wore pink lipstick and blusher which remind of California sunlight.

On the other hand, Hana created funky style with red lips and cheeks, emphasizing her look with twinkling stickers. Hana pulled off cute, unique makeup styling that generally matches with primary colors.

Two cute pierrots, Gong Sua and An Hyun hee

Model Kong Sua and An Hyn Hee transformed into cute pierrots with strong, unique makeup style. Using colorful eyeliners including orange, pink and blue, she created a look that matches with beautiful spring in California.

Kong Sua colored her eye area with pink and orange—which are the new color trend of 2013 S/S—and put a hint of gold under the eyes. Her unbalanced short hair style mixed well with her makeup and cheerful-girl image.

An Hyun Hee completed her beauty pictorial with funky-style outfit, matching with nail polish and makeup of the same style. Her makeup and hairstyle were mingled well with her cute image. She also emphasized her big beautiful eyes with blue eyeliner.

What are the S/S trend makeup items from the LA pictorial?

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