Ruffa Gutierrez: I’ll never grow old alone

Ruffa Gutierrez : We should always make time for love because love gives us inspiration/NPPA Images.

Ruffa Gutierrez seems to have a thing for younger guys.  Her ex-husband,  Yilmaz Bektas, for instance, is younger than her.

"I always fall in love with someone younger. I think it would be different if I were to fall in love with someone older. Even my ex-husband Yilmaz is three years younger than me. Siguro what would be different is if I fall in love with someone older and wiser,"  Ruffa said in an interview at the press conference of Star Cinema's movie "Maybe This Time."

Understanding and compatibility

Understanding each other and compatibility are more important for the 39-year-old mother of two.

"Age is just a number. It doesn't matter. As long hindi naman siya 12 'di ba? Kung magkasundo naman kayo, you get along and compatible naman kayo, you treat each other as equal, then it (age) doesn't matter anymore."

While Ruffa is open to falling in love with younger guys, she still has her limitations.  

"As long as hindi naman teenager," she explains.

Personality disorder

She added, "Depende naman iyon sa maturity ng tao. If he's a few years younger or few years older, okay lang naman iyon."

Ruffa clarified that her age gap with Yilmaz was not the reason why their relationship ended.   Ruffa herself admitted that she’s a victim of domestic abuse in Yilmaz’s hands.

"It's not because of age kaya hindi nagwork. It's because of his certain personality disorder that my ex-husband had. He could be older pero isip-bata ka pa rin. You can be younger at mas mature mag-isip. Age is only a number. But that shouldn't stop people from falling in love."

Many admirers

She added,  "Marami lang akong admirers. Inspired ako. Marami akong textmates. Maraming nagpapakilig sa akin. Dalaga naman ako. I'm officially single."

Be that as it may,  Ruffa believes the man she can spend the rest of her life with will come her way.

"Wala akong time maghanap. Sila ang maghanap sa akin. I'll never grow old alone. I'll grow old with my family and kids and someone's gonna hold my hand. I believe in that."

Thus, even if she’s busy with career and family, Ruffa still makes time for her personal life. 

"We should always make time for love because love gives us inspiration. It makes us happy, laugh and smile. Importante rin naman na may inspirasyon tayo sa buhay. Time management is key. May career ka, family, inspirasyon."

Supportive children

Ruffa  also admits meeting guys her friends have introduced to her.

Her children understand, since Ruffa has been  separated from their dad for seven years now. But she has yet to introduce a new man to them.

"They're mature na. Mas mabuti na iyon na close kami. At least nasasabi ko lahat sa kanila. They're mature enough na if it's not gonna work, they will still love me and wish me all the happiness in the world."

Since she has fallen in love with younger men, Ruffa can relate to her role in the movie "Maybe This Time," where she plays Coco Martin’s girlfriend, and the one who makes life miserable for Sarah Geronimo.

"I'm very honored to be in a love triangle with Sarah and Coco. Sarah is a level-headed girl. She knows what she's doing. She's so focused on her career," Ruffa said.

Star Cinema’s “Maybe This Time” opens in cinemas on Wednesaday, May 28.

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