Ricky Lo finds Hathaway interview 'amusing'

Entertainment journalist Ricky Lo finally broke his silence on his controversial Anne Hathaway interview which created a lot of buzz on the internet.
In his Funfare column which was published in The Philippine Star on January 22, Ricky wrote that  he found the “whole Anne Hathaway experience simply amusing.”
The Philippine Star’s entertainment editor added that he wasn’t offended by the Les Miserables star’s comments although he found  other Hollywood stars he has interviewed over the years “absolutely more delightful, far nicer and totally engaging.”

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Ricky shared that he felt Hathaway was not in the mood when she sat down with him for the interview at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Roponggi Hills, Japan.  Other Asian journalists, he added, felt the same way. Ricky told them that it must be because of jetlag since she flew all the way from the US for the junket. 
Ricky stressed that  he doesn’t mind interviewing Hathaway again.  The next time around though, he’ll ask her only “not personal” questions.
The “Les Miz” interview marked Ricky’s second time to sit down with Hathaway.  His first interview with her was in 2004 for “Princess Diaries.”
It will be recalled that Ricky’s recent interview with Hathaway generated a lot of controversy after it was uploaded on YouTube.    The controversy centered on some of Ricky’s questions and Hathaway’s “rude” answers to them.

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