Pinoy 'Metallicouple' jams with Metallica

A musician's greatest dream is to jam with his or her musical heroes. For U.S.-based musicians Dennis Diaz and his wife Annette Ortiz-Diaz, the dream just came true. Annette, for those who might not know, used to play drums for local indie darlings Fatal Posporos
On Dec. 10, the couple was invited to play onstage with the kings of metal themselves, Metallica, as part of the band's 30th anniversary concert series at The Fillmore in California.
Right before singer James Hetfield called them up onstage, a video of the Diazes' wedding reception - which went viral months ago - was played where the couple's band Trapped Under Rice did an almost spot-on rendition of the Metallica classic “Master of Puppets,” with Annette still wearing her wedding gown.   
The couple submitted a performance video as part of a Metallica fan club contest, the winner of which gets to play with the band onstage. 
Annette: ‘What happened changed our lives forever’

In between concert nights, Dennis hosted a “Metallijam” with other fan club members.  Word of Annette's playing eventually reached drummer Lars Ulrich.

What happened afterwards “changed [their] lives forever,” Annette said in an email interview with Yahoo! Philippines OMG!
“I had to tell myself over and over that it was really happening,” confided Ortiz-Diaz.  “I also thought: 'Sana huwag ako sumabit.'  When we got on stage and saw the kit set-up for me, sayang because I had no toms and only had a single pedal. Bahala na, RAKENROL!”
“And we got to hug them TWICE!”
More Metallica covers coming up

Annette currently plays bass for the band Random Ninjas in the States.  Her band, Trapped Under Rice, “is just a fun band for me to learn to play double-pedals, and for my husband and I to learn and jam Metallica songs.”
Dennis and Annette plan to release more of their Metallica covers online.  In the meantime they are busy rearing their daughter Lightning, who apparently owns a Kirk Hammett junior guitar.  A future guitar goddess?
Not if Mommy can help it.
“I want her to play the drums. Haha.”

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