Olympic champion Yuna Kim releases new fashion pictorial

[by Joy Kim] Yuna Kim, an Olympic champion and figure skater released new fashion pictorial for neo-classic watch brand Romanson for their fall and winter collection.

From the previous pictorials, Kim looked fresh and charming. In the new pictorial, she looked classic and matured. Her wavy brown hair and brown eyes looks attractive and feminine.

After Romanson chose her as face of the brand, they have showing Kim’s charismatic and professional image through their campaigns and pictorials. From the Basel World 2013, the reaction towards Yuna Kim’s collection was more than positive. Pre-orders were made and it was also popular in Korea.

For the new pictorial, she is wearing Romanson’s third collection ‘New on me’. The new collection has reinterpreted Romanson’s classic model. It was made for fashion people who wish to keep the style and stay comfortable. The watch has two different bands so it can be worn with both casual and formal styles. (photo by Romanson)

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