Mud-filled fitness events: how to talk mud speak

When it comes to fitness events, mud is in -- deep, thick, sloshy mud while participants navigate up to 12 miles (19km) of military obstacle courses -- including scaling eight-foot (2.4m) walls, crawling under barbed wire, swimming through icy pits, and at least for the Tough Mudder race, running through the patented FireWalker gauntlet of flames.

Spartan Run, Mud Run and Tough Mudder all have their own flavor, with Tough Mudder, for example, expanding to 60 events around the globe this year. So far, more than 500,000 participants worldwide took part in Tough Mudder events this year, raising $3.5 million for the race's charitable organization, the Wounded Warrior Project.

Spartan Mud, rated one of the best by Outside magazine, also offers international events with a series of races, including the Spartan Beast, a grueling 16K challenge through 25 obstacles, and the Death Race, a punishing 48-hour adventure race.

To celebrate the unique spirit of the mud race experience, mud runs also typically come with their own lingo. This week fitness blog Fit Bottomed Girls offers a few mud-speak terms, created by T-shirt maker Customink:

Bake n' Cake: Standing in the sun until the mud covering you becomes a dirty crust.
Barbie-Queue: The line that forms at the barbed wire obstacle while people observe others and figure out their strategy.
Belly Slop: When you wrongly assume a mud obstacle is slick enough that you can slide on your stomach and instead plant yourself stomach-first in the muck.
Birthday Suitors: Those men who choose to complete mud races in various stages of undress, or in Speedos.
Fon-dudes: Men so totally covered in mud they look like they were dipped in a chocolate fountain.
Mud Suds: The well-earned beer after crossing the finish line.
Slip Slops: What any pair of previously functional shoes becomes after you've completed the race.
Woodstocks: Generic term for the farms, fields and other hinterlands that host mud race events.

For more terms, visit the site:


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